Monday, September 24, 2007

First Days at Home

So far, today has been Emma's first full day at home. We were released from the hospital late yesterday morning, and since Dolly and PC were still with Grandpa and Grandma until bedtime, Sir, Emma and I just napped and rested for the whole afternoon.

Before I go on, let me clear up the name thing. 'Emma' is our new daughter's BLOG NAME. I chose this name by using her initials - M.A. I didn't want to be calling her 'Ma', but realized that if you said the individual letters M...A... fast enough it sounded like 'Emma'. And I thought 'Emma' would be a pretty blog name.

Anyway, Dolly and PC absolutely adore Emma. PC calls her 'my sister' (although it sounds more like 'duday dister')and is just waiting for all the adults to stop watching like hawks so he can really give her a welcoming hug... these 'be gentle' methods are just maddening! After all... she's HIS sister!
Dolly is much more refined and takes being the 'big sister' very seriously. If Emma cries.. then she must want a pacifier and is promptly provided with one by her doting little mother. A wriggle must mean the blankets need adjusting and if the pacifier is rejected - well, the only solution to that is Emma NEEDS to be held and Dolly is ever ready and often volunteering to do the job!

I love to watch the older kids enjoy their new baby sister. It's so neat to see how much they already love her after looking forward to her arrival for so long and only getting to see her really here for such a short while. Emma is in no danger of running short on love!

I need to wrap this up since all three kids are in bed and I'm typing away a very valuable opportunity to get some much needed rest, but there's just one more thing that needs mentioning for now. Grandma C. came over bright and early this morning and stayed until it was almost naptime. She had the older kids just about dressed by the time I got up to find some food to take with my pain medication. And she kept busy feeding and entertaining the older kids in between sorting out my fridge and getting all the dishes done. It was a huge help because I didn't have to worry about preparing and feeding the kids breakfast or lunch and when I needed to go lie down, she was there to keep the kids out of stuff. And she's planning on coming back throughout the week to help me get used to having three little ones to look after! Talk about counting blessings - I have much to be thankful for!


  1. What a cute post. I am so happy that you can take the time to post on here. It is fun to live through this with you via your blog. I can just see your kids reacting in those ways to their new baby sister. So sweet. Thanks for clearing it up about the name as well, that makes so much sense!

  2. So glad PC and Dolly are enjoying Emma. Keep giving them the attention they need and they are sure to be big helps in the future.

    Hooray for grammas!

  3. Thank you for that. It's so nice to keep up with you day-to-day, especially the interaction with the older very sweet. I remember you and your constant helpful way with all the 'new born babies' at your house growing up!

  4. Sounds like everything is under control over there. Live in baby sitter (the other mommy)...she will be a big help to you in the long run. Even her brother will be.

    I am just over 36 weeks now and planning what I'm stocking my freezer with. By the 5th one we pretty much have no need for a baby shower, except for the fact that my girl baby clothes are for the spring and this baby is coming in the fall, so if anyone asks me what they can get for us I'm going to say..umm, when we get home you can bring me a casserole! hehehe But i will have my freezer stocked, like I said, just in case.

    I have a friend who hits 40 weeks this week and I'm planning on taking her some food when she get home from the hospital too.

  5. I remember how helpful you were in helping with your new sisters and brother...You WERE little mother personified. The happy faces on PC and Dolly surely show how excited they are.

  6. Thanks to Notes of Interest we now know what Emma's real name is!!

  7. I just took a moment to see if I could find M_Ms New pictures. Looks like she has a very helpful Big Sister and Big Brother to help Mommy. Hope you all are well.