Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday School Picnic

Saturday marked the day of the Sunday School Picnic and since we still hadn't gone into labour, there was no reason to miss out on all the fun. It was scheduled to start exactly in the middle of PC's normal morning naptime, and since he didn't settle down and go right to sleep when I put him down, he ended up missing his entire morning nap, but apparently he wasn't too worried.

The picnic started out with foot races beginning with the adults and working all the way down to the 1yr olds. Dolly came in last in her race against the two three year olds, but PC had no trouble winning the race against the other 1 year old (it is true though, that PC has the advantage of six months practice at walking). I got some videos of our kids racing, and Sir was kind enough to fix them up for me so that I could post just the racing part - I doubt anyone wants to get sick watching the sky and trees wave all over the place when I wasn't following the kids properly.

After the races, there were other games including a Scavenger Hunt (which Sir's team won first place), relay races and even a 'fishing' game where the kids got to throw a fishing line over a sheet hung between two trees and reel in a prize that was attached by someone on the other side. Dolly caught a squirting bath toy and PC snagged a cardboard book - exactly the right kind of prize for each of them. There were even a couple kites present and Dolly got to try and fly one (with help of course) which I'm sure was one the highlights of her day.

By the time everyone was tired out from all the games, it was almost time to eat lunch which was barbecued hamburgers and hotdogs, a variety of salads, pork 'n beans, lots of chips, cookies and even juicy watermelon. And there was lots of pop to wash it all down with. Definitely a great meal to replenish all the spent energy!

When lunch was over, everyone gathered around for a hymn sing and an encouraging talk for the little ones about 'light in the dwellings' - God's provisions for his children regardless of the circumstances around. Both of our kids greatly enjoyed the singing, and Sir managed to get a couple videos of them participating which he combined for me to show you here. It was cute to see Dolly listening to Uncle Al during the talk too. She kept responding to him as if she was the only one he was talking to. Precious times that will be treasured for many many years I'm sure.

After the talk people started cleaning up and visiting. Some of the adults were setting up a soccer game and most of the moms were starting to gather their kids for naps or quiet time. Treat bags full of goodies were either handed out or available to take home and Lily and her husband invited everyone interested over to their home for supper. We stayed at the park until quarter to four, which means that both of our kids missed their afternoon nap by nearly two hours. But as soon as we got home the kids and I crashed and slept. I got up at 5:30, and finally woke them up at 7.

Sir ran out and picked up some pizzas so our dinner was pretty easy. Then I gave the kids a bath followed by some fresh fruit as a snack before putting them down for bed. Definitely a fun day and everyone seemed to survive in spite of a messed up nap schedule and a sunburn for PC!


  1. What a wonderful day! Sunday School Picnic are the sweetest times.

  2. Wow ... that was fast posting. Wonderful videos. I love Judah's race and the way he's reaching for the prize at the end.

  3. Great to keep in touch. Please send me your e-mail address and Chris's and Ginny's too, if you have them. We have a bunch of September birthdays: Isaac-3, Gloria-6, Aunt Cleta-10 (GG's sister)Greg-15 (my nephew), (his twins-15) 21-Barry and ME, 23-Aunt Becky, Andrew-27? and Uncle Bruce-15. Maybe your new one will arrive on one of those days.

  4. I just realized your blog included the action of the races. I am thrilled to have such a picture of Hannah and Judah. Wish I could hug them both. Judah looks so much like his Grandpa Dan at that age...down to the twinkle in his eye promising mischief in no uncertain terms

  5. Aunt Katz just called to tell me about Hannah's fall down the step.
    I hope she wasn't seriously injured and that her arm heals quickly. Here's good wishes to welcome the new little Csanyi when it decides to arrive.