Saturday, December 08, 2007

Go-Go and Duh!

Last night I listened in as Sir said goodnight to our kids. As he pulled Dolly up onto his lap, she requested that he "say Goodnight to us boef?" So, instead of saying goodnight to them individually, Sir called PC so he could tell them both goodnight at the same time. Here's how the session went:

Sir: Ok! So I get to say goodnight to you both?
Dolly: Yesss!! (huge grin)
PC: Grunt (nods emphatically)
Sir: K, Dolly and Nathan -
Dolly looks at him like he must be mistaken)
Sir: What? This isn't Nathan? Oh! (then turning to PC) What's your name?
PC: Duh!
Sir: Ah! Duh!. K, Dolly and Duh, -
Dolly: No! I'm not Dolly! I'm Go-Go!!
Sir: Hm. Ok. Now, Go-Go and Duh, (Dolly giggles, PC grins) It's time for BED!
Dolly and PC cheer, Sir begins the bedtime list of forbidden things and I headed off to finish whatever I was working on a few minutes earlier.

After Sir sent the kids to me and I had put them in bed, he came out and said to me, "You really should choose more flattering names for your children than Go-Go and Duh!"


  1. That is so cute! You wanted a cuter blog nickname for PC, but I don't think "duh" is any better haha! So cute.

  2. That was fun to read! Wonder what they'll come up with for Emma? If I want to know what's going on in your life, I just look on your blog instead of calling that bad?

  3. I hope those are not discriptive monikers for your kids! Cute. So like Sir to carry on a "thinking" convesation with his kids.

  4. Cute! I love to read all the little stories about your adorable kids. :) Thanks for keeping up the blogging!

  5. In our house we had "Soup, Snutch, Kitzel, LaLaLee, Kedgn and Bones" which are really not very flattering either. Later when they grew it was "Hey You" that was when I couldn't remember which name when counting to 10!