Friday, December 28, 2007


In the last week and a half every member of my little family has fallen victim to the FLU AXE. I have the awful feeling of anticipation as I know I'll probably get axed as soon as I stop expecting it. Lovely feeling don't you think? I was really dreading being sick while the rest of my court was nightly expelling their stomach contents, but thankfully, it's starting to look like some recoveries are being made.

Dolly got sick just before the California conference, and I had half expected it since quite a few people we'd been in contact with, had already suffered at the talons of this bug. In a day or so, Dolly seemed perfectly fine, but then PC got sick and he seemed a lot more miserable than Dolly had been. I guess part of it could have been that he wasn't sick in the daytime like she had been. I got pretty good at changing sheets in the dark, and PC and I worked out a rather efficient method of communication when it came to being sick - thus perfecting our dash to the bathroom. I thought he'd be better in a day or two like Dolly was, and at first that looked to be the case.

Then PC got sick again - or didn't really get over being sick the first time around. He'd pick at his food all day, and then lose anything he'd eaten sometime during the night. This went on for another four days with an occasional day where it looked like he was getting better. But after a while I realized he was only eating because he was probably starving and figured losing his meal was the lesser evil.

Meanwhile, Sir started getting the forerunner symptoms. He kept feeling worse and worse, and one night he took a bucket to bed - just in case. That was the night that Emma got sick. She had nursed before bed and was really upset afterwards. I didn't know what was wrong with her and carried her into my room where Sir was, to have him hold her for a minute while I got ready for bed. Just as I was about to hand Emma to Sir she got really upset, and as soon as I turned her around to face me, she spewed the entire contents of her little stomach all over me. Ok, not entirely... she managed to come up with a second round after I spun her back away from me. This was at 10:30. Emma seemed very much relieved and even cheerful after the spewing episode. She happily cooed at the bathroom towels while I peeled off my coated jumper and took a quick shower.

Clean again, I proceeded to bathe my infant before wrapping her up and putting her to bed in clean clothes. Then I did a quick job with the carpet cleaner to get the worst of 'round 2' cleaned up. I finally crawled into bed at 11:30 only to be catapulted out at 1:30 thanks to Emma's screams. She was starving! How dare I put her to bed on an empty stomach? She quickly forgave me and heartily stuffed herself before falling back to sleep. I tiptoed back to bed, slipped under the covers, glanced at the 2:00 on my side table clock, almost closed my eyes and bolted back out of bed and down to PC's room where he was losing his meal. Thankfully he hardly had anything in his stomach so it didn't take long to clean him up and change his clothes. Although we did need a new pillowcase, the sheets were spared which was nice. Back to bed at 2:20.

Next it was Sir's turn. I jolted awake as he exploded across the room at 3:30. While he got a hold of himself in the bathroom, I cleaned up in our room. There were only a few spots that missed the bucket thankfully. Back to bed at 4, and up again at 5:30 to change Emma's outfit since she'd lost part of her 1:30 meal. She didn't want to eat and was happy again in dry clothes so I just put her back to bed. I didn't notice the spot on the crib sheet until the next morning, but that was only because I didn't put Emma back in the same spot she'd been in after I changed her. I crashed back to bed at quarter to 6 only to get up an hour later to calm Dolly down. She'd lost her pacifier and started to panic. I was just glad she wasn't sick again. Then I slept until the alarm went off and PC decided to get up for the day at 7:30.

That all happened Monday night. Needless to say Tuesday was rather unprofitable, but Wednesday it looked like we were going to get over this bug. Except, PC and Emma were sick again Wednesday night. Yesterday seemed ok, and today PC has just been fussy. He's probably tired though. He kept waking up last night because he was thirsty. Speaking of tired... I need to put my munchkins down for naps. They're happily playing in the Pillow Corner right now, but there's not a lot of room over there and I'm sure I'll be hearing from them soon if I don't put them to bed first!


  1. :( Hope you don't get it too! I would highly recommend the flu shot...we all got one this year and have been extraordinarily virus free! It's no guarantee, but it can really help, especially when you have a lot of small kids in one house. :) I've probably jinxed myself and we'll all be sick tomorrow. :P

  2. Christina was sick at conference as well as many others. Thad and I both got it as well as Heidi's mom, Eugen, Sarah, Philemon, Susanna and Andrew (bartlett.) It seems like a particularly bad year. It was my second flu of the season!

    I really hope you don't get it. I will pray that your whole family will be feeling better asap.

  3. You can add Dallas and Lisa to that list! This is not a fun flu, I will be praying you don't have to go through it! :0P Thankfully ours has lasted only 2 days max and we seem to be on the mend.

  4. Woah! That's one lethal axe.

    Where was I when this flu was going around? It seemed to miss our family completely.