Friday, December 14, 2007

Thoughts of the Heart

Thoughts of the Heart


Little fingers, little feet;
So mischivous - Yet so sweet.
Lots of work and lots of joy:
To have and love my girls and boy!

Never quiet, never dull-
Every moment is so full.
Fun Adventures, some close calls;
Part of growing are the falls.

Constant learning how to be
A better Mother to my three.
I am thankful that each day,
Starts out fresh - as do they!

But of myself, this I plead,
That to Jesus I might lead-
My little ones - treasured so,
Not just by me - To HIM might go!


  1. Love the poem and the photo. Looks like summer. :)

  2. Didn't know you wrote poetry! Very beautifully written...I enjoyed reading it!