Friday, January 04, 2008

Another Year Gone By

I love this picture, and someday if I ever get around to it, I want to blow it up and frame it for one of my walls. Someday. Right now I'm just trying to get out of my blogging slump. I took this picture from the window of our van - while it was moving. We were cruising down King George Hwy probably around 70kph when I glanced out the window to see the sunset. By the time I got the camera case out of the diaper bag, the camera out of its case and my window rolled down, I had enough time to snap two pictures before the view was blocked by a hill of trees. You can't exactly ask your husband to slow down on a two lane highway while you take a picture of the sunset so I was pleasantly surprised with the result!

Anyway, this post isn't about a sunset picture. I wanted to start my 2008 blog off with the New Years get-together that we went to, but that should have been posted on New Years Day. Then I read Aunt Jailgy's blog, and thought her recap idea was a great way to start off a new year.

So, this is my recap of 2007:
January ~
- I started a diet for the first time.
- 6 inch snowfall followed by a week long Cold Snap.
- Found out we were expecting baby #3 (so the diet died after two weeks of life).
- Dolly turned TWO!
February ~
- I hit the quarter century mark.
- 1st Trimester Exhaustion.
March ~
- 1st prenatal visit.
- CF testing in Vancouver.
- More Pregnancy Exhaustion.
- PC started walking (at 8 ½ months).
- My cat Fluffy died.
April ~
- Participated in hosting Richmond's 3rd bible conference.
- More snow.
- The death and resurrection of my Laptop.
- Announced our Pregnancy!
May ~
- Richmond Sunday School Treat.
- Road trip to Red Bluff, CA
June ~
- Left our kids with Sir's parents while we got away for 3 days!
- Went to Walla Walla's bible conference.
- PC turned ONE!
July ~
- Welcomed BC's annual heat wave.
- Celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.
- Took the kids to the Vancouver Aquarium.
- Went to the 2007 Fireworks Festival.
August ~
- Toured the hospital's Maternity ward.
- Hosted our 5th annual summer's end barbecue.
September ~
- Received a new (and Superior) camera!
- Richmond's Sunday School Picnic.
- Dolly fell over the outside stair railing and fractured her wrist.
- Welcomed Emma!
October ~
- Emma's baby shower.
- Bronchitis of the Year/Asthma attack.
November ~
- Dolly broke her left arm clean through.
- Got to enjoy Richmond's 2-day conference!
December ~
- Tina and her boys visited for a week.
- Got family picture taken.
- Escaped the flu that the rest of my family got.

So, now that I've officially broken in the blogging of 2008, I'll be working on finishing the six draft posts that I've started over the last few months! And its almost 11, so I should be going to bed.


  1. Your year was much more eventful than mine.

  2. My photo of the cousins is just fine. I appreciate any suggestion of their likenesses on my wall. They now have part of the east wall of my bedroom. That's the space alloted to all my great-grandchildren. Soup did a special domed plastic magnet collection of all the family for my refrigerator. I now have all their happy smiling faces in the kitchen, too.

  3. That was great! A good way to start the new year by looking back at the old. That sunset photo is beautiful!