Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Two Months...

Now that Emma is three months old, I'm not sure I can accurately remember what stage of development she was at a month ago. I feel bad that I'm not keeping up with her monthly pictures the same way I did for the other two kids. Maybe I'll get her three month picture up in the next few days with current information.

Emma was smiling by two months. Unlike Dolly and PC who started responding to a smile with a smile around 3-5 weeks, Emma either couldn't, or just wouldn't be bothered to smile in response until she was at least 6 weeks old. This picture is characteristic of Emma in that she looks like she's in her own little world doing her own little thing. She's still like that really. I couldn't ask for a more laid back baby that demands less attention. It's been very handy, but I end up feeling guilty for not spending more time with her. Don't get me wrong, we do have our fun interactive moments, but they're not nearly as many or as frequent as Dolly and PC's 'mommy&baby' times were.

Speaking of Dolly and PC - This is what they looked like at two months: PC's Two-month Post. I wanted to just stick a picture of all three of my kids at two months old in this post, but I'm too tired to go find the original pictures to upload them in the size I'd prefer. Maybe I'll spend the extra energy on putting Emma's three month post together before she'd already four months old!


  1. Hey! I know that lady holding Emma! She's my Grandma's sister. =)

  2. Haha, Emma sounds like a "number 3"! :-)

  3. She seems to love smiling now and really loves people. Hope her horrible sounding cough is starting to improve now. btw, DON'T feel bad about loading your kids on me last week! Remember, I offered. And it was fun. And I suffered no ill effects from it! And I'd do it again if the opportunity came. You need a break occasionally! Hope you and Tina enjoyed it.