Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Little Things They Say (3)

It's taken me a while to put these together this time, but here is the latest collection of the little things my children say. If only I jotted all of it down before I forgot them! At least there will be a handful or two to look back on in years to come.

One Sunday we stopped at a little fast-food/gas station restaurant for an after dinner snack. While we were waiting for our order, a group of young people showed up. The only girl was dressed in a filthy red splotch-smeared wedding dress. As it was just a few days before Halloween, I just chalked her outfit up as her holiday costume. Dolly noticed this young woman's attire as well and asked me, "Look at that lady Mommy, 'What's her name is?" "I don't know, Dolly. Maybe you should ask her." Dolly, not really wanting to talk to this girl suggested instead, "Maybe her name is, Almost-Cinderella."

One evening during the family bible reading we had reached the story of Lot being rescued by the angels. Here's a bit of the discussion:
Daddy: "...And they wanted to break down the door- Then what do you think would happen?"
Dolly: (shrugging with uplifted palms)"Then they wouldn't have ANY door." Duh!

Dolly: "MahhhMeee..., MomME!... Mommy,... I need you to wiiiipe me. Mommy, can you wipe me?"
(I go to the bathroom to find Dolly on the little potty.)
Dolly: "See, I'm getting to be a big girl, because I goed potty all by myself. I goed pee and poop. Can you wipe me? PC isn't a big girl because he goes poop in his diaper, but I can go in the potty."
Me: "Yes, good girl, now bend over." (And I wipe her. Then I notice she's not wearing a pull up.)
Me: "Where's your pull-up?"
Dolly: "It's wet, I have to get a new one."
Me: "You PEED in your pull-up?!"
Dolly: "I was trying not to, but it made me."
Me: "What made you?"
Dolly: " made me pee in my pull-up."
Me: "What made you pee in your pull-up?"
Dolly: "My bottom made me pee in my pull-up.""

On the way to meeting one Wednesday night a few months ago, Dolly calls from the back seat, "Am I going up in the sky with my clothes off?" Not sure that I heard correctly, I stalled with, "Are you going where?" Dolly patiently rephrased her question, "Am I going to have my clothes on when I go up in the sky?" Now fairly certain that I'd heard correctly, I decided to do my best to figure out what my two year old was talking about. "Why are you going up in the sky?" I asked "Because the Lord Jesus - because I can have two arms." Dolly explained

Then it clicked. Since Dolly broke her arm, we've been telling her that the Lord Jesus will fix it. A conversation Dolly and I had not too long ago went somewhat like this:
Dolly: When - I can go to see the Lord Jesus?
Me(not exactly sure of where she's going with this, I vaguely answer): Um hm..
Dolly: Where is He at?
Me: The Lord Jesus in in Heaven, but if you love Him he can be inside your heart at the same time.
Dolly: Where is Heaven?
Me: Way up in the sky.

So, Dolly was wondering if she was going to need to have her clothes on or off for the Lord Jesus to fix her arm - at His home in Heaven up in the sky. I guess it does all make sense. I said to Dolly, "The Lord Jesus is already fixing your arm. Sometimes he does it when you're sleeping. Tomorrow we'll go see the doctor, and he'll take a picture of your bones and see if the Lord Jesus is done fixing your arm. If it's all fixed, he'll let you take your bandage off!" Dolly seemed satisfied with my answer, and let her attention be drawn elsewhere.

One day shortly after Tina and her boys had stayed with us for a visit, Dolly came to me while I was working in the kitchen, "Mommy, Thanks you for helping me." Not sure of why or for what this sudden gratitude was for, I replied, "Thank you for being thankful, Dolly..." As I had hoped, she clarified with "Thank you for letting me live with you." My only explanation for this would be when Tina prompted her first born to thank us for the hospitality after a week stay with us. She said to him, "A, you need to tell Aunt ioi 'Thank you for letting us live with them." And he did. As they left, Dolly had asked me why he thanked us for living with us, and I had told her that her cousin still didn't have his own house, so he wasn't just visiting us, but living with us that week. And Dolly thought about that for a few days.

One January evening Dolly came to me after a busy scurrying about and listed off her accomplishments. "I gave EVERYbody blankets. I gave everybody blankets,. I so much love Daddy and Emma. And I love you,... and PC,... and... the coffee table."

One regular weekday morning Dolly met me dressed in her frilliest, pink dress. Before I said anything, she explained, "I was trying to get dressed,(at this point she shrugged helplessly and picked up the topmost layer of her skirt) but I turned into a princess."

Trivia: Dolly's nicknames for PC. Gouda-Gouda, Youda, Dribus, Jubigs

The End


  1. Hilarious!! Ü
    They are so cute, thanks for sharing!

  2. ...but then I turned into a princess.

    That was my favorite! I can't WAIT until Kem starts expressing herself with words!

  3. I love it when we get "little stories in bulk"-- but that first picture is priceless!!!