Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pretty in Pink

I thought these flowers were pretty. They were between Lily's house and ours and I noticed them on my walk home from picking Dolly up.

Dolly had her first sleepover Sunday night, and of course I worried about her a lot of the time she was gone, but managed to refrain from calling to check on her. I thought about it probably half a dozen times though.

Monday was Chiquita's 4th birthday, and Sunday afternoon, Lily invited Dolly to the birthday party to be held Monday morning. Later before everyone headed home, she suggested the girls have a sleepover that night. So, on our way home from meeting we made a quick stop at home to grab Dolly's mostly packed suitcase (she still had it packed from the sleepover at her cousin's house that got cancelled in February).

It was so different not having Dolly around though. With only PC to make breakfast and lunch for, it was almost like I had just ONE kid. Emma was her usual self and was happy to be left in search of any sort of paper*, and PC was thrilled to drive his bucket of cars around on the carpet all morning (he took a break to show Emma the rhinoceros that was driving his dump truck). So, I cleaned the house and it stayed clean. And that in itself was a marvelous thing!

Anyway, after lunch I woke Emma up from her morning nap and we hopped in the stroller and walked to Lily's house. Normally it's about a 15-20 minute walk, but I think it took me longer. My socks kept bunching up under the arches of my feet and I had to stop every few steps to pull them back on. Grumble grumble... Dolly was very happy to see us, but she also was very concerned that Lily affirm that she'd been "weary good and obeyed like (she) was ap-posed to". I'm guessing that Sir had a little talk with Dolly about being good for Microchip and Lily while she was at the sleepover.

On our way home I took pictures of some of the scenery. I figured I might as well since we were already late for naps, and I was going to have to stop a gazillion times anyway to pull up my socks. But when we got home, even I got to take a nap right away since the morning had been so profitable and all of my chores were done. Even dinner was taken care of! Later that evening we learned of little Bee's arrival (Salad and Grace's little girl), and so the day even ended on a happy note!

*note: Emma loves paper, and will shred, eat, crumple and/or gag on any paper she can get her little hands on. I really hope she didn't get a hold of the piece of paper that I've been missing for a few days now - it would be nice to find that I just misplaced it. Doesn't she look mischievous? But she is pretty in pink...


  1. What? You cleaned the house and it STAYED clean?!? Tell me your secret! =)

  2. Nice photos! Looks like it was a nice day for a walk. I always get rained on. Ok, maybe not always, but often!