Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Miscellaneous Odds and Ends

Well, I managed to hit a blogging record last month. I won the 'Fewest Posts Yet' award. I had lots to blog about, but that was just the problem. There was so much that was bloggable, that it took almost all the blogging time. The leftover time - not that there was any, was always when my brain was on vacation or strike because I should have been sleeping.

I managed to crack a code that I've had in my possession for 7 years (on the 7th anniversary of the day I first received it), but I have yet to encode a reply or invent a more complex code to return to my knight. Don't think I worked on C-12 for seven years or anything... in the past 5 years I've only seen it for the last month and spent a total of three days actually working on it. I did however, spend a lot of time on it the first year I had it and I'm sure I glanced at it now and then a number of times during the second year.

I barely managed to get Emma's professional 6 month picture taken (a week late) and we're supposed to be getting them back toward the end of this month. I took a few other picture throughout the month, but not very many. Emma is able to stay in a sitting position for a few minutes unassisted before losing her balance and toppling over. She still cannot (or more likely refuses to) roll over from her back onto her stomach. She does not crawl or scoot, but she inches toward where she wants to go, by going in circles. She has two teeth (has had them for more than a month now) and she likes to use them - on everything.

We survived the whirlwind of activity related to getting ready for conference. And we survived conference too. Not being pregnant makes a huge difference when it comes to staying sane while being severely sleep deprived. Last weekend seemed so strange though. We didn't have anything that we had to rush to do. And so we accepted Chasm's invitation and spent the evening down at the Mr. and Chatty's house where we had supper, played games, read books and just visited.

Last week I was very happy to discover a small Daddy long-leg spider in my pantry. This is because my poor pantry has been overtaken by Indian Meal Moths. To say I don't like Indian Meal Moths is a huge understatement and I was really looking forward to an ally in my battle against them. Except Mr. Daddy Long-legs is not helping very much. I have yet to find a moth in my carefully guarded spider's web.

Tonight Sir and I get to go out for a date! Well, we get to go out for dinner without kids. We're going to a little wharf-side restaurant that Sir took me to for my 21st birthday. At least we think that's where we're going. Neither of us could remember the name of the place we went to that day, but there aren't a lot of choices to pick from. So, if the little restaurant is still in business... we'll be going to the same place we went to five years ago. Hey! Maybe we'll even retrace our romantic stroll along the water? (maybe it was just a dyke...) I don't remember the scenery now. I just remember it being chilly, and almost windy, and wanting time to stand still so I wouldn't have to fly back to California and be away from my knight for another couple months.

Well, it's lunch time and I have two children doing their best to antagonize and torture each other while I ignore them to type. I've already broke up a few scuffles and have pried one child off of the other a number of times since I started this an hour ago. Speaking of such, here's a little of what I'm hearing right now... "Owwwww!!!! Sniff It really hurts... I really hurt a lot right here!" And she runs off to pin her brother against the coffee table until he wriggles away just to pounce on top of her again. (I think PC is winning this morning's war.) "I'm gonna break!" she declares. "Naaaaoooo!!!" he screams at her as she shoves him away "Nao! Naaaooo!" So, she kicks him from her position high on the couch and he falls down in front of her on the floor. He screams at her and she soothes, "It's ok PC. Say 'Sorry', PC." "Naoo!" - and I really need to go. Thank you for suffering through my morning ramblings. So long!


  1. That was a great play by play at the end. I'd like to hear those more often - gives me a little glimpse of the kids! :) Have a fun date night! We're going out tonight too, what else is there to do on your due date when nothing's happening? :)

  2. Does he have those shoes on? Looks like a little Dutch boy! Hope you had a fun date.

  3. He has one of the shoes on. I do have a picture of him wearing both of them, but it's going up in a post all about PC one of these days.

  4. You forgot to mention anything about the top picture. From Emma's expression, I would presume they're watching a movie?

  5. Cute story ;) Im the 14th, Do is 13th.