Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Growing Up

"Happy is that people,... whose God is the LORD."
Psalm 114:15

About two weeks ago, I got Emma's 6month pictures back. She's just a little over seven and a half months old now. In the picture she was sitting unassisted, but I had to keep catching her before she toppled over since she wasn't quite sitting alone at six months. It's amazing to see how much she's changed just in the last six weeks! Now she's babbling nonsense all the time and in the last three weeks, she's taken to eating baby cereal like a duck takes to water.

Emma has been my 'milestones on memorable dates' child. She got her very first tooth on my birthday. And she was undoubtedly crawling on Mother's Day. I wonder what she'll be doing on my anniversary this year? Walking? It's possible I guess. PC was walking two and a half months after he started crawling, and my anniversary is two months from today.

On Friday Emma pulled herself into a standing position for the first time and later that evening, she took her first 'crawling steps' - where she actually put one knee in front of the other more than once before collapsing back onto her stomach. Saturday, we were out most of the day, so she didn't get a chance to practice her newest motor skill, although she did manage to pull herself into a standing position twice while I rinsed out the bathtub before her bath - she really wanted to climb into the tub, but not toppling over was hard enough! Yesterday (Sunday) she actually figured it all out for real. Emma can crawl! And that means she can get into things. I found her in my bedroom scattering the contents of the trash can this morning.

This is just the beginning - it's time for me to baby-proof the house again. I have a feeling that a lot of toys are going to be confiscated for a while due to small, removable parts. Emma thought she'd discovered a gold mine when she made her way underneath the table. I also have a feeling that I'll become very familiar with my vacuum cleaner in the next few months.

Here is the 'freebie' picture that I got with Emma's 6 month picture package. I didn't realize that they'd brought in new backgrounds until after I'd settled on a package picture. Otherwise, I would have used the spring flowers background for the main package picture. Oh well, I know they have it now. Maybe I'll use it for the 1 year pictures in September. I should go. All three of my kids are napping now (4pm Monday), and I've been drifting off to sleep here at my computer every once in a while as I stop to rethink a sentence.

And then I tried to include a video to this post, but ended up battling blogger for nearly an hour before giving up. Beside nearly losing all of my nap time, my html formatting got all messed up for me. So, as a result - no video and a post uploaded 8 hours later! And now I'm almost done soaking my foot, so I'm heading to bed!


  1. Beautiful photos! Just so cute!!!

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  2. What a sweet young lady Emma is becoming. I do wish I could see her and give her a big hug. I guess she'll have a brand new cousin in a few days...June 8, I'm told. And then there's another down the road a piece.

  3. Very cute! I always enjoy your blog!