Saturday, May 10, 2008

Serious Things Tomorrow!

A Fatal Decision

Many years ago there lived in Greece a ruler named Archias. He was a very selfish man, living only for pleasure and caring little or nothing for the needs of his people. Many hated him, and at last some plotted together to kill him.

Of course, Archias knew nothing of the plot, but he had a friend far away in Athens who heard of it and set about to warn him at once. He wrote a letter to the king warning him of his peril, pointing out at the same time way to escape, and then he sent it in haste by a messenger.

Archias was busy holding a great feast when the messenger arrived, but since he came all the way from Athens with an important letter, he was admitted at once into the presence of the king.

"My lord," he said, "the one who sends you this letter earnestly begs you to read it at once as it speaks of serious things." Archias, merry with wine, bent on pleasure, was in no mood to read the letter then, and never guessing what it contained, laughingly he cast it aside, exclaiming as he did so, "Serious things tomorrow!" Then he went on with his pleasure.

Alas, poor man, tomorrow never came. No further warning was given. His evening's pleasure came to a sad and abrupt end. At the height of the gaiety of the feast, those who had plotted against the king rushed forward and killed him.

Perhaps, unsaved reader, as you read these lines, you too are enjoying good health and are bent on an evening of gaiety and worldly pleasure. Such matters as your soul's welfare are too serious for you to consider just now and like Archias, you say, "Serious things tomorrow!"

But stop! Tomorrow may never come. This may be your last night on earth. What if God should say to you as He said to a prosperous farmer long ago, "Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee"?

You may not like such serious thoughts, and, furthermore, without doubt Satan, the enemy of your soul, is seeking at this very moment to persuade you to lay aside this tract and forget its solemn message. But in it God sends you a message of love - a warning of judgment that hangs over your head but at the same time pointing out a sure way to escape.

That way is through Christ crucified on the cross for you. In those three hours of darkness He bore the judgment of God against sin - a judgment that you and I deserved. He died, He rose again; He is seated now at God's right hand in heaven. Through Him God now offers a free pardon to all who will believe. The text of this proclamation reads thus:

"Be it known unto you therefore...that through this man [Jesus Christ] is preached unto you the forgiveness of sins and by him all that believed are justified from all things."
Acts 13:38,39.

Will you not heed this warning message and come to Christ for safety? Or will you, like Archias, throw it away saying, "Serious things tomorrow"? Friend, you will have plenty of time for serious thoughts - and for nothing else- when you find yourself without a Saviour, without a friend, without a hope, in endless misery amid the darkness of a lost eternity.

"How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?"
Hebrews 2:3

(BTP #2454)


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