Friday, October 10, 2008

Another One of 'Those Days'

Yes, today is turning out to be another one of 'those days'. I've blogged about them before.

Maybe it's because I had higher expectations for today than 'just making it through'. I thought that today we could catch up to ourselves... and maybe put the house back together... and maybe I'd get to work on Pockets if I finished hemming Sir's jeans from last week's project.

Yesterday the kids and I were in and out of the car for 10 hours. We stopped at 13 different places before we finally ended up at home and probably drove close to 100 miles. So, I was hoping today would be a slow day.

It may be a slow day for me, but definitely not for my kids. Before I was even up, they were toting toy dishes full of water from the bathroom to their bedroom. Beside ending up with a pile of soaked cardboard books and a sopping wet closet in their room, they managed to completely flood the bathroom and leave wet spots all the way down the hall.

Then before I could get Sir's lunch packed, PC climbed up the back of the bunk bed (I put the ladder on the top bunk every morning to discourage climbing) and then he proceeded to drop the ladder off the top bunk onto Emma. She ended up with a fist size bruise/abrasion on her shoulder, but thankfully everything still works - including her vocal cords. Looking at her an hour later you'd never know she was clobbered by her brother with a ladder.

Next, I managed to get my fabric into the washing machine only to find that one of my little birds had died. Yesterday I didn't feed them before we left - I thought they'd be ok since occasionally I feed them every other day and they're just fine. But either they didn't have any birdseed backup, or I didn't give them enough soaked dogfood the day before, because they didn't have any food left this morning. Maybe they were just eating it faster because it's been cold and they need food to keep warm. I don't know, but today wasn't a good day to add losing a pet of 6+ years to the mix.

Following the bird discovery, I hadn't even gotten breakfast on the table before all three of my kids managed to completely empty and scatter the contents of my Reading Card container. It has the reading cards, progress sheets, sticker bucket (probably the main attraction this morning), pencils, pens, rubber bands and of course ERASERS. Erasers make wonderful chew toys - especially the ones that Mommy likes best of all.

So, now that my house looks like a hurricane hit it, due to the laundry, two days of dishes, kids and oh yeah, more kids... I think I'll try to put some order to life around here and maybe - just maybe I'll manage to get a nap today.

And I just spent 45 minutes looking for a particular picture for this post and still couldn't find it. I need to un-banish my children from their room now though. If I don't we may just have one less room in the house by the end of today.


  1. What a crazy life you lead! O love the last sentence in this post. :)

    Hey if you ever want me to look after the kids while you go do your 10 hours of errands, call me! You can drop them off here any time I am available!

  2. Blah! I know exactly what kind of day that is. It makes me tired just reading about it right now. But I guess you appreciate the good ones more then!! :0)