Friday, October 17, 2008

Feasts, Family, and Fun

Monday was Thanksgiving Day in Canada. We celebrated it with Sir's family last Saturday.

The family tradition is to get up bright and early and go Chestnut picking first thing in the morning before breakfast. This year we were all supposed to meet at Redwood Park at 8am, although I must say, the five minutes it was going to take me to get out of bed turned into another 20 minutes because I fell asleep again so we started out running behind.

The morning was gorgeous. Crisp cold air and glorious sunshine filtering through the leaves. All of the kids had bright red noses and icy cold fingertips, but nobody was complaining. We hunted and hunted, but at best we found only a few handfuls of fallen chestnuts. I got some pictures of the outing though.

Following the path through the forest to the gathering place.

Hunting for Chestnuts:


Grandma & the Girls

The Guys

The Canine Unit (PC & Silly)

The Rewards

Eventually it was time to head back for breakfast. I started to gather people together for a picture when a lady walked by with her dogs. She offered to take a group picture for us which was really nice of her.

Then we headed back:

The main body

Lying in Wait


Bringing up the rear

And I have a whole bunch of pictures for the rest of the day too, but I can't put them all in this post - it would end up too long. Besides, I'm not getting very much done on it between putting my kids back down for their naps over and over again. So, that will be all for now.

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  1. Hi ioi! I just love Thanksgiving and it looks like your family had a very nice one! I love those plates too.

    I aim for 15 or less photos per post when I have a lot. I know that's probably too many but it's just too hard to choose. So in my opinion, you had room for a few more here still! :)