Thursday, November 06, 2008


House Wreckers Inc.

I have eleven (11!) draft posts all partially written or written and waiting for edited pictures or just left hanging while they wait for inspiration. And do I take one of those, to post today? No, but I did resist the urge to start yet another (to finish later probably). These things frustrate me. I don't like to rush through something that I want to remember because they just end up getting skipped over or done half-heartedly. But on the other hand if you take forever to do it 'just right' you forget even more than if you hastily scribble down key points which would remind you of at least 'some' of the other little details that you're so worried about forgetting.

Anyway, this post isn't supposed to be a long woe story on my inabilities of posting in a timely manner, but rather a quick peek at the goings on here until I can expound in more detail or get a few minutes to work on one of my other posts.

Right now, Dolly is happily coloring little pieces of paper with as many crayon colors as is possible, PC is cheerfully trying to coax Emma into his bedroom where he'll probably lock her in and leave once he succeeds, Emma is blithely dragging my kitchen broom along behind her as she heads toward Dolly and PC's bedroom, Sir is getting ready for work and I probably should be packing his lunch and getting started on breakfast for my gang.

But the day started earlier than is usual, so it feels like I still have tons of time (I don't really). You see, Grandpa & Grandma C. went far far away for their 30th wedding anniversary and we get to have Uncle A. stay with us for the last five days of their vacation. Uncle A. started off staying a few days with Salad and Grace, then traded off and spend a day or two with Doc and Bashful, and now he'll be staying with us until Grandpa and Grandma come home. The kids are absolutely elated although both Dolly and PC were a bit disappointed to find that Uncle A. had already caught his bus to work before they got up. As 'the early bird gets the worm', Emma was smugly rewarded with getting Uncle A. all to herself for a few minutes before he had to leave and got to wave goodbye from the window without any sibling rivalry. Somehow I doubt that will happen again tomorrow, but we'll see.

Anyway, my kids are starting to fall apart already and it's not even 8:15, so I think it'd be a good idea to feed them before I lose my sanity. Maybe it's just me since my sanity is fleeting when I'm tired or haven't eaten in a while. Maybe it's a combination of my kids being hungry and me being tired - which is probably the most likely. So, I'll go get on with the day and maybe I'll get the house put back together after yesterday. I did laundry yesterday which means the kids are unsupervised for short periods while I'm downstairs. During my absences they manage to create enough work to last me through the next two days.


  1. I always like reading your posts even if they're not 'perfectly' put together, thanks for posting! And have fun today =P

  2. I'm beginning to experience the part about if mom is busy with something the kids create more work for her to do. So far it's only Phi, but I'm sure Leroy will be joining the ranks soon too.Here's hoping Uncle A will create a diversion so you can accomplish some things uninterrupted!?!?