Thursday, November 20, 2008

Time to Blog

It's just time to blog. I've been putting it off for too long again. All of the posts that I want to work on involve digging through our archive of pictures for the right pictures to re size and post. So yes, this is another new post while my stack of 'started' posts does not budge.

See, I used to keep a copy of all of the pictures we took on my computer. This system worked fine since I wouldn't have to wait for Sir's computer and the external hard drive to be on to access the pictures. But the pictures for this year alone (January to August) took up MORE than half the space on my computer hard drive. That meant that my computer was very slow, was so full that I couldn't store any more pictures, and I didn't even have enough room to run standard updates.

So, I reluctantly gave up my copy of many of our pictures and now there's a few more steps involved in acquiring a picture to post. Anyway, I don't need to be droning on about accessibility to pictures.

This week has been busy - I guess all weeks are busy, really. I don't remember what happened on Monday (That's pretty bad considering today is only Thursday!), Tuesday was Grandma C's birthday so the kids and I rearranged our normal routine for the day and dropped Sir off at work so we'd get out of the house earlier. We picked up some flowers and chocolates and dropped them off at Grandpa and Grandma's house. Nobody was there, but we knew that was the case and let ourselves in to arrange a bouquet 'just so' to surprise Grandma. It worked, but it took longer than I'd hoped so we had lunch at home and left to go clean the meeting room around 2.

Getting to the meeting room later than usual meant I needed to rearrange the order of cleaning since vacuuming while my kids try to take naps is just asking for trouble. But that worked out pretty well too - In fact I was on such a roll, I thought we could postpone dinner until we got home and just have it late, but Arsenic Hour attacked and I had to give up that plan.

Once the kids got up, I cleaned until they started to fall apart (which wasn't a very long time) and then we took a break for supper. Before supper though, I got some pictures of PC and Emma playing follow-the-leader while Dolly kept herself busy with the Sunday School crayons. After supper, I just finished up the cleaning, and we left for home at 7:30.

"Hey, Emma! Check out the tunnel!"

"Get down so she won't see us! Down! Down!"

"Slow down PC! Let me just grab this stool first."

"Hm, where's Mom?" "Forget the stool.. I'm right behind you, Bro."

"'Think this'll hold us both, Em? I wonder if I can stand on it."

Man! these two are either going to be the death of me... or themselves. Just today they were trying to help each other over the stair gate. And later they were trying to figure out how to step across the gap from the table top to the windowsill without landing on the chairs between.

At least some of my hair might not turn grey before I'm 30.


Wednesday was spent doing laundry, bathing kids, attacking my kitchen and bathing the kitten. Today we went took Sir to work so we'd have the car to go shopping for a birthday dinner for Grandma C. And that pretty much took up the day until lunch/nap time which brings us to now. The kids went down for naps, I put the groceries away, read blogs and wrote this.

And I should go... Emma is waking up from her nap. So much for my nap... I still have to feed the birds before we go pick Sir up from work. Oh well, at least I got something written here finally.


  1. You've been to Target recently... I love those scarves and jackets in the background. :) Cute photo though! I would have loved one of those car carts when I was little. :)

  2. Busy, busy, but that's the day to day and it's fun to hear how it goes! Nap time is a great thing but it's never quite long enough for every thing i can think up to do. :0P

  3. I have vague memories of crawling through meeting room chairs myself! Such fun! =)

  4. I'm so sorry, I thought I had contacted everyone, but I think I missed a couple of people. That's horrible about the awful spam stuff - I heard about it from someone else, too. Too bad. :(

  5. Oh yes, your pics crack me up - you are a busy woman with three very busy littles! Courage, sister - gray hair is a sign of wisdom and maturity! (or maybe just a lot of stress)