Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Memory Anyone??

Where would you put $60 worth of cat flea treatment?

Last month I took Olive (PC's cat) in to the vet and came home with a supply of flea treatment enough to protect BOTH of our cats for a YEAR! I got the 'dog' size package (I wanted to be able to treat both cats and they don't sell the tubes individually any more so I bought the whole box). The vet gave me instructions regarding how much to measure out based on the weight of our cats, and our cats are on the small to medium size, so that meant we had lots left over. Lots.

So as far as I remember, after I'd treated both cats, I took out one of the 12 tubes, tossed it into the top drawer of the hutch in my kitchen and put the box (with the instructions scribbled on the outside) somewhere to make its way downstairs to the Entryway. I think - it could have been headed outside to the storage shed since I keep extra things in both of those places.

Then this month came around and my calendar said it was time to treat the cats again, so I pulled the little tube out of the hutch drawer and realized I didn't know how much to give each of the cats. So, I headed downstairs to get the box of extra flea treatment tubes that had the amounts I needed on it. But it wasn't there. So I checked the shed. It wasn't there either.

Now I'm convinced I put it in a 'safe' place because I have small children, and flea treatment (although it may be contained in sealed tubes) is poisonous. (Children have sharp teeth so no amount of sealing, is in my opinion, 'childproof' when it comes to poison). But I digress. It's just like me, to put something out of the way so it's not gotten into - especially if it could be dangerous to my children.

The problem is, I either put it in a VERY safe place, or I completely misplaced it and it could be somewhere that my children can get to. I've checked the double stacked bookshelves (it's possible I stashed it in a bookshelf), I've checked under the kitchen sink where I keep my cleaning chemicals, I've checked in all the medicine cabinets (we have three), I've checked in the pile of clutter that is my desk, I've double checked the Entryway, I've checked in the animal food storage containers on the porch, I've checked in my filing cabinet and I've checked the pantry, linen closet and the bedrooms (excluding the nursery). I've even checked in the refrigerator and my sewing machine cabinet (both cabinets actually) to no avail.

You can stop laughing now, I do have to check the refrigerator or outlandish places because I have been known to absentmindedly put socks in the refrigerator, clothes in the pantry and food in the stationary drawer of my desk - to name a few examples. I've also looked right at the missing object multiple times and still haven't found it. This last tendency provides great amusement for Sir since I will often search my diaperbag for a fair amount of time to find an item and when I have come up empty-handed, Sir double checks for me and finds it in a matter of seconds. So, "Have you checked the diaperbag recently?" is not just a question in our household.

Anyway, in the very back of my mind I have a sneaking suspicion that I did indeed take the flea treatment downstairs to the Entryway, but I keep thinking that it got tossed onto the newspaper basket because I didn't have a minute to put it in the storage container of extra animal supplies. The problem here is, I've put the newspaper out for the recycling truck to pick up twice since I visited the vet. I just can't be sure that I would or wouldn't have noticed a box of flea treatment when I moved the newspapers to the recycling bag to be carried outside.

I hope I'm wrong about the little suspicion. Or that if I'm not, I would have noticed the box in the newspapers and moved it somewhere else.

For now, I guess I'll just keep looking, but I was wondering where would you put something you wouldn't be needing for two or three months?


  1. Our flea treatment for Petra lives in the garage. There is a box there labeled dog stuff that it should be in. Maybe. I should really check. :)

    We have to give her Benadryl before her shots, and I have lost that before. It turned out to be in the door storage compartment of our car which was really random. Have you checked your van yet?!

  2. We're looking forward to having you and your gang visit with us after Conference.We will be staying (DV) at the hotel through Sunday night and go home on Monday morning. I am excited about seeing you again and to catch up on the big doings of Hannah and Judah. Let me know if any of you havc special food sensitivities or gross dislikes so I can plan accordingly. I'm glad to hear that Christina and boys will try to make it too. With armloads of love.

  3. Isn't there a closet in the entryway, I would have put it up high on a shelf in the closet if I
    didn't have time to put it properly away.