Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Week Passed

Baby Dearest,

I thought you might be interested in an update on things out here in the real world. After all this time, and rushing about lately, I believe everything is finally ready for you to come!

When you arrive you will have a lovely name of your very own. Daddy and Mama spent many many hours looking for just the right one, but we found it and we can't wait to introduce you to everyone with it. The hospital bags and the overnight things for your siblings are all packed. Thanksgiving has come and gone, so you won't have to share your birthday with one of the funnest family holidays we have.

Mama has even gotten things on the to-do list done that have been waiting for months and months. The pantry is neat and tidy, I did a whole pile of mending the other day and your siblings helped me put the garden away for winter today, so the yard even looks nice. I should vacuum the house again, but raking the leaves on the patio this afternoon made me wish later that I'd skipped that job, and now I'm procrastinating a little when it comes to the vacuum.

Daddy keeps predicting that you'll come any day, and I'm beginning to wish he was right - you're getting awfully big you know, and I would love to lie down on my tummy again one of these days. Besides, you're probably close to 9½ lbs now and even Emma was barely bigger than that!

Well, tomorrow is meeting which means I should get some sleep soon. Wouldn't you like to meet everyone at meeting? They too, are all eagerly waiting to finally see you. So Little One, you are allowed to come now - the sooner the better as far as I'm concerned. Thank you for being such a compliant baby and waiting 'till the middle of the month like I instructed earlier. Your big brother asks for you every single morning - he already loves you so much. I can't wait to see his face when he finally gets to hold you!

Daddy, Dolly, PC and Emma send their love and like me, they can barely wait to meet you. Daddy even found a verse just for you, so I'll included it here as well!

"Come; for all things are now ready."
Luke 14:17

Lots of love,
~ Mama


  1. I'm sure Baby will obey you ... sometime! =)

  2. Been thinking of you guys, we'll be excited to hear who this little one is!

  3. Aww, what a sweet post. I can't wait to meet your new little one. Congratulations on completing your quest for names!

  4. Ha ha! Love the verse! That's cute about Sir being so excited for Baby to be born! A wanted baby is a very wonderful thing.

    I remember very clearly how much I wanted to lay on my stomach again towards the end of pregnancy. Hopefully you will get that wish soon!

    Can't wait to meet the little one and find out the name you chose!

  5. I've had the feeling a little boy is on the way and his name is Joel Anthony...we'll see soon, right?

  6. Hmmmm... Sounds like maybe you have an obedient child on the way?! :-) Sounds wonderful... very excited for you... especially wonderful that you have everything done you wanted before said baby makes an appearance. :-) Love the verse!!

  7. Wow how nice that was just beouitful you have a lot of patiance, and what a relif to have those extra things done ahead of time it does make it that much less stressful and as for an obedent baby ...he sure is, he came just as you were ready. You can sence the peace you had as you were writeing this post I wish I could be more like you love christina