Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just in case you're wondering...

Junior has not arrived.

Despite Sir's daily predictions of a delivery 'before the week is out', we have not had to make any quick trips to the hospital. I have had a few Braxton Hicks contractions here and there, but they're random and usually it takes me a while to realize that's what just happened.

Sir tells me I'm just in denial... and maybe I am, but there's still more than enough that I need to get done right now that makes sooner labour rather impractical. And I like practicality. (Baby... I hope you heard that!)

Besides, the 'official' due date isn't until November 8th... and the 'revised' one which is probably more accurate anyway, isn't until October 27th. And October 27th is still almost two weeks away. (Again, Baby.... were you listening?!)

I am making a little progress in the getting ready department though. We have a girls name chosen... now just to finalize one for a boy. I have found, washed and mostly packed some baby clothes for the hospital. I have lists of things to pack for everyone else although I've only gotten to packing a few things from the list for me so far.

And that's about all for now. So I will be going - I need to be rounding up my gang so we can leave for meeting in a few minutes anyway.


  1. Let's see... today, you:

    1/ emptied, scrubbed, and re-organized the bottom portion of our fridge

    2/ emptied and vacuumed the linen closet (vacuumed!? a closet?!)

    3/ partially emptied and re-organized our bedroom closet (probably alphabetically, but I'm scared to check)

    4/ Vacuumed the kids' bedroom

    5/ Washed clothes hangers (hangers!?)
    "I couldn't put the kids' clothes away because the hangers were dirty. I had to wash them..."

    Does anybody else see a pattern here? Anybody want to mention the N-word?

  2. Hahaha!! You guys crack me up =)

  3. Hmmm...well, it's possible that you has a longer nesting period (there I said it) than normal because you have more to get done??

    Cleaning clothes hangers sounds very suspiciously like nesting to me...LOL!. And when you mentioned vacuuming the edges of your walls yesterday, I smiled inside! It may be soon! You'd better prioritize your nesting! (grin)

  4. I object!!

    The hangers have been in a box on the porch all summer. They had dead potted plants fall on top of them, and then it rained. They were muddy... not dusty. And I wanted to get the rest of the kids clothes hung up before they got lost in the new boxes of baby clothes that are taking over my living room.

    I ONLY vacuumed the kids bedroom yesterday. I COULD have done the whole house, but I had other things that had to be done too.

    Yes, the refrigerator could have survived a drawer full of rotten green tomatoes for another few days, but I had Dolly helping me so that job was able to be done simultaneously with another.

    I'm AVOIDING work here.. not looking for more!