Thursday, October 01, 2009

Calendar Space

Dear Jumbo,
The doctor says you're a big strong healthy baby - 7lbs already! She also says that the middle to end of October is more probable for your arrival than the early November date we already have.

This is fine, but since I am the Mama, let me set down some rules: My calendar is booked until the 13th. You are allowed to come anytime after that though. Besides, if you come before that, you might not get a name... and Mama won't have time to get a hospital bag packed (this is important because all the baby clothes are stowed away out in the shed). Life will be much more comfortable for all of us if you give me time to get ready for you.

Dolly, PC and Emma are all looking forward to meeting you, as are Daddy and I, and we'd all like to see you before the month is over! Just be patient, grow slowly for a week or two, and don't kick me too much.

Love Always,
~ Mama


  1. They say I have a baby Jumbo, too, but I'm not letting them change my due date. They are trying, but I'm far too sure with this one! I'll take an earlier delivery, though.

  2. Will your Dad and Mom be able to add another young man to their troop of cowboys and fishermen? Or will a lovely little lady arrive to charm us all with her dimples and smile? What is the score for Grandpa and Grandma C?

    This gramma is praying for a healthy, happy baby BOY or GIRL.

  3. Grandpa&GrandmaA have a 5:3 ratio... Grandpa&GrandmaC are at 4:4.

  4. Haha! Good luck with all that... they don't tend to listen very well in my experience. :-)

  5. Great post..made me smile! I hope Baby listens to his/her mama and comes at a not-too-early-but-not-too-late time! We pray for strength and energy for you in these last weeks and a relatively smooth and easy delivery.

  6. Great post! :) Maybe the baby will come on the 14th haha.

  7. That's great =) Well, so far so good! Unless S&S are babysitting today for a reason I don't know about yet ...