Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Denial? or Pre-Baby Panic?

Dear Baby,

I just checked the calendar. You may consider arriving anytime AFTER the next 18 (EIGHTEEN) days. You do not have to come then, but you can start thinking about it around that time. I still have a list of things to do before you arrive - oh, and those Braxton Hicks contractions the other day when I was grocery shopping... let's leave them as a one time thing, shall we? Excellent!

At least wait until I put the last couple items in my hospital bag - I haven't decided what skirt might fit me after you're born for our trip home. And I need to put the infant car seat back together again too - I'm not done scrubbing it down yet. Oh, the other main thing you should wait for is... your name. You don't want us to just rush and come up with the first one that will 'work' now do you? I'll let you know when we've found something Daddy and I are both happy with.

The rest of the stuff, like your siblings' overnight bag and tiding the house, and finally getting ahead of the dishes and getting the vans vacuumed out... you don't have to wait for those ALL to be done, but it would be nice if some of them were taken care of before you came.

You may think I'm just over-reacting, but your big sister decided to come 8 days before her due date, and I still haven't fully recovered from the shock of not being ready before she was. Actually, if you tried coming early like PC and Ricka, you may end up SHARING a birthday with Daddy or Dolly (I think you'll appreciate your own day more as you grow up). The days just keep whizzing by faster and faster. Just the other day, we had 30 (THIRTY!!) days left, and somehow I blinked and here we are at eighteen.

At least wait for your name. I think that's what I'm most anxious about. And I'd like to be a bit more rested before you come. I tried the 'have a baby after only 3 hours of sleep' thing last time. It was not a good idea.

Other than that, we all (well, most of us) can't wait to meet you! As I mentioned earlier, I need to get some sleep before you come, and it's rather late again. Try not to kick me in the ribs too hard tonight.

~ Mama


  1. I am feeling the exact same way. We have first names for each gender picked out. But that's about it! Nothing is prepared, but at least I have till March Lord willing. Or the end of February. My braxton hicks are CRAZY with this baby though, they just don't stop in the evenings and I get them occasionally throughout the day too. Praying for you!

    1. First names are a great start. ;) We haven't even gotten that far yet. I'm not sure if I'm afraid to find a name, or just overwhelmed by the idea of looking right now. With Ricka, we finally decided on something with 8 days left till her due date. And she was born less than 8 HOURS later. I really haven't had any braxton hicks this time around... I don't know what the deal at the grocery store was all about though. It was all I could do to just make it out of the store with what was ON my list. There was no chance for the stuff, you don't put on the list and just remember as you walk past in the aisles.

  2. I hope baby stays put a little longer for you and that you get a little sleep.