Wednesday, January 30, 2013

8 Years Ago Right Now....

I had been a mother for 6 hours.

Dollly - just minutes old.

Little Miss Dolly had finally made her long-awaited arrival into our lives. She became one of my most influential teachers and has continued to change my life every single day ever since.

Not even 24 hours old here.

I remember being amazed at how heavy she felt on my chest after she was born. I think it was because I'd never worked so hard to do anything before. That and being more thankful than I'd ever been to have something to eat! Having a baby makes you very hungry.

Now over 70,000 hours later, I have 5 very influential teachers that change my life daily. But Dolly introduces me to the most uncharted territories.

Mid December 2012.
This was the most recent picture I have of her - on my computer at least. There might be something more recent on the camera, but this picture pretty much sums Dolly up right now. B-O-O-K-S. Or anything in print. She can get distracted going from one place to another that's less than 10 feet away if there's anything that can be read between the two spots. I'm not joking.

Dolly loves to read, and reads very well. She loves horses, but also admires many other animals too. She has a very tender heart and is easily upset by unkindness. She is more upset by thinking she has offended someone else. Her greatest flaw is probably her absent-mindedness. This is intensified exponentially if there is anything written within a 3 foot area surrounding her. And she is quickly growing up and becoming more and more independent. She helps me a lot, and I especially love it when she finds things that need to be done and does them on her own.

The rest of the pictures here, were taken at my littlest sister's wedding back in September last year. I was going to post just one of them, but then I couldn't choose between them so I included all three.

Happy Birthday, Dolly! I love you so much!


  1. Gah! She's practically a grown up! Happy birthday sweet girl!

  2. She's very sweet and very beautiful. Happy Birthday,
    we love you too! Grandma C

  3. She's beautiful, and sounds a lot like my 8 year old. :-) Especially the whole getting distracted by books thing. I love what you said about her being your most influential teacher... so so true.