Monday, February 11, 2013

Fattening Up...

I figured if we're all going to be waiting around for this baby to decide to make it's debut, we could play a little estimation game in the meantime.

Object: Guess the exact weight or be the closest to the actual birth weight.

To help you out, I've included pictures of the other kids and a small blurb of information regarding how close they came to their due dates.

Dolly in grams and pounds/ounces.
I thought Dolly was due around January 15th that year. The detailed ultrasound indicated she'd be born around the 22nd. She was born on January 30th.

PC in pounds/ounces. He would have been 3345 grams.
I expected PC to arrive around July 5th. The dating ultrasound suggested the 7th and the detailed ultrasound claimed the 10th. He was born June 30th.

Emma in pounds/ounces. She was 4369 grams.
My calculations indicated her due date was September 12th. The ultrasound opted for the 18th. Emma was born on September 22nd. I did know before she was born that she was going to be bigger than both the other kids had been.

Butler in pounds/ounces. He was 4301 grams.
For a change, everyone agreed on the due date for this guy - Mama, ultrasound and baby. He was born on his due date - November 8th. I did think Butler was going to be bigger than Emma though, and the nurse actually laughed at me when my first response to his weight was, "That's all?!"

Ricka in grams and pounds/ounces.
I expected Ricka on June 20th, the ultrasound said she'd come around the 19th, and she surprised everyone and came on June 11th.

For this baby, my original due date guesstimate was either February 10th or the 17th. The ultrasound suggested the 10th and that was yesterday. I think this baby is small compared to most of the others if that helps any, but that doesn't mean much... remember Butler?. Now we just wait and see how long this little one wants to fatten up before meeting the rest of us. :) I'll start the guessing off at... 8lbs 4oz on February 17 minus an ounce for every day sooner and plus an ounce for each day after. So if it's born tonight that would put my guess at 7lbs, 14oz.

What do you think?


  1. I'm thinking more like 8.4 lbs today (Tuesday), plus an ounce each day he delays his introduction.

    Grandma C

  2. I trust your judgement. And I don't believe in betting/guessing in a way that could inflict the delivering mother. Haha. So, we'll go with 7 pounds, on the nose whatever day would be most convenient for you this week. Hee hee. :-)