Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Beach Babes!

Roomen, Chunk and their mom came up to spend a few days with us last week. You can see them both if you look closely at the picture here. BD (Baby Doll) had lots of fun trying out the portable bassinet. Sharing her toys was a little more difficult though!

Here's Chunk and PC... they're only a month apart in age. It's a lot harder to believe when you actually see and hold them. Chunk is currently two months old and over 15lbs! PC is probably around 10 lbs now.

Anyway, while they were here we had a day at the beach out in WR. PC held down the beach blanket while Roomen, Dolly and Chunk explored the sand and the sea!
The kids were completely worn out by the time we left. In fact, they were all fast asleep before we got home! I think Sir was a bit relieved not to have a circus going on outside his office for the afternoon.


  1. Looks like you have some beach babies on your hands!

  2. Great pics, just wish we were close enough so I could give them all a big hug. SAJ and her little princess were out to reading mtg last night. They come to our town to do laundry and to visit at Gramma's house.