Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Little People

Last Thursday Dolly, PC and I met up with some former neighbors for lunch. They had lived upstairs at our previous home for six months and were probably the best upstairs tenants there during our time at that house. I ran across them at the maternity clinic while I was pregnant with PC. CS was there for her 1mo check up. We swapped phone numbers and then I got busy and almost forgot all about it until CS called to wish us a happy three year anniversary. (It was her and B's three year anniversary too.) They have a girl, K who is turning two next week and a boy, G who just hit the four month mark. After lunch the girls played a bit and I got some pictures. Here's the boys. PC was intent on having his nap. I think he only woke up once while we were there, and that was just so he wouldn't miss out on food. And here are the girls. They were working on sharing toys, chalk and food, but they did ok overall.

The very next day we packed up and went down to Roomen and Chunk's house. Aunt Faithful wanted a kitten, so we took one down to her. The kitten didn't like riding in the car in a box so when I let him out of the box, he settled down in PC's lap. Dolly was a little too active for comfort. We stayed overnight and spent Saturday shopping for kitten supplies and finding a park to eat our deli lunch at. The cousins had lots of fun, and Dolly started calling Chunk "Mawpy" so if you see that, just know that's who I'm referring to. And at the end of the day, the kitten decided he'd rather hang out with the 'other five week old' and I couldn't resist taking yet another picture!


  1. I'm convinced those pics of PC and the kitten would win a photo contest. SO cute!

  2. Glad you and your sis are close enough to visit back and forth so cousins can become good friends. When ia Snutch going to log on and blog? I think he already has 27 comments while not writing anything. Give him a nudge!

  3. I love the kitten baby shots! Almost makes me want to get another cat, just so I can take cute pictures like that.