Monday, August 14, 2006


This is where we spent the weekend with Sir's clan. Baker Lake Resort, nestled in the foothills of Mt. Baker in western Washington. After spending five hours more than we had planned packing and puzzling all our gear into our car, we finally got away. Faithful had a portable bassinet we could borrow for PC and I had a cat carrier I was giving her, so we met her and the boys in Burlington. The bassinet was a life saver since it could fold up into almost nothing. It was off the ground too, so I wouldn't have to worry about PC getting chilled. While we swapped stuff, the kids ran off some energy on the grass. Before heading on our way again I snapped a few shots of the cousins together.

We arrived at the campsite D&L had reserved late Thursday night and set up our tent in what was left of the rain. Dad, Mom and Hockeyman were already there too. Friday was cloudy, but dry and Saturday was absolutely beautiful! P&T arrived late-afternoon Friday and everyone was able to fit in the one campsite. Yes, all five tents! I could only get four of them in a picture at once though because they were spread out so much. We were right next to the bathrooms which was really nice, but that was also where the only campground showers were. So there was lots of traffic too.

D&L brought a boat, so Friday morning they took Dad and Hockeyman out in it to fish. PC and I tried to make some order out of our tent (you can see the before and after pictures here) and then we joined Sir, Mom, and Dolly for a walk around the campground and down to the beach. We were scouting out shore fishing spots for Sir since he was planning on fishing later that afternoon. We stopped for a while at the beach and ate the snacks we had brought along. Dolly played with her toys and I pulled out the trusty camera yet again.

After lunch PC, Dolly and I took naps while Sir went fishing. D&L took him out in the boat and after about an hour of fishing he caught a White Sucker fish! Of course there were volunteer fish -Bullheads?- that must have known they were too small to keep that risked being hooked just to get as much worm as possible. Sir's fish was 16" long and weighed a little over 1.5lbs. Mom cooked it up the next day and all that fish turned into 8 bite-sized pieces that was shared around to those who wanted a taste. We didn't know what kind of fish it was until we got home and looked it up, but it was the only 'catch' of the weekend.

Later that afternoon Dad, D&L and Hockeyman went out to give water-skiing a try. While they were out I got some pictures of Dolly playing Peek-A-Boo. Then P&T showed up early. We didn't think they'd get away until later, but they made it in time for supper. P brought his guitar and played a bit by the fire that evening while Dolly caught up a bit with her only girl cousin.

Like I said, Saturday was absolutely beautiful. After lunch we took the kids down to the beach to wear them out before naptime. Mom and T joined them in the water. It was colder than it had seemed the day before in spite of the sunshine. D&L took Hockeyman out in the boat and inner tube while Dad, P and Sir watched from shore. PC enjoyed the shade of an umbrella and Dolly stayed 'safe' near Sir after trying out the water and deciding it was not a fun idea.

As I was looking through my pictures I noticed there was one shot that had almost all of Sir's original clan. Nobody's paying attention to the camera, but I thought it might be fun to include it anyway. That said, I had to find a shot with the missing member and of course, nobody's looking at the camera there either. And finally, you can't go camping and have everything go perfectly, so I had to include a before and after shot of Dad and Mom's tent. It just decided to collapse for no apparent reason at all.

So the first camping trip of the year was a huge success! Something to definitely be thankful for!


  1. I'm in awe. I can't imagine camping with a baby so young but I suppose I'll get over it when mine is born. Looks like some wonderful memories were made! =)

  2. Looks like you all had a wonderful time! I don't think you could have put much more in that car. We saw a bunch of stuff that looked like camping things in front of your pantry. Was that what you couldn't fit in?
    You are so brave to camp with such little ones. But naps in the middle of the day sure help, don't they?

  3. Yes, the stuff in front of the pantry was the stuff we had to leave behind. It included a playpen, folding chairs, booster seat bassinet (we ended up borrowing a smaller one) and lots more! And naps DO help!!! Camping with a baby is easy. All they do is sleep. It's the toddlers that you have to chase down all the time. :)

  4. Oh, please just pretend I put enough commas into my last comment. And check out our latest family blogger!

  5. It sure brings back memories. I'm reading a story this morning at our writing group (Wayfarers) about our family trip, camping on the Heritage Trail. Up from Washington, D.C. we went through New Jersey, New York, New England, into Canada. We had planned a campout and breakfast for Cupcake's birthday this year but only managed the birthday.

  6. Who did you borrow the fish from? I guess you must have used a "cm" tape measure. You know the Canadian way../ehh?