Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Many Talents

Among his many talents, my knight can cook! And yes, I mean more than just boiling water. Tonight he spoiled me with this absolutely delicious meal of barbecued baby-back pork ribs, flame-grilled vegetables (Belgian endives and onions), and rice!

After about 20 min this is all that was left. It was so good I could have almost fallen asleep eating it. I was whisked back to my childhood days on the range. Hey, we even had PC's vibrating chair replicating the crickets! Definitely worth waiting until 9:45! Thank you Sir!!


  1. Hello Sir,
    Please send a BBQ by post ASAP.
    -A concerned reader

  2. You Had A BBQ and didnt invite me!!!!! I have officially deducted the "M" from your post and added a "?" So there!