Saturday, June 16, 2007

11 Months Already!

It's hard to believe my little boy is almost a year old. This picture was taken right about the end of last month so he would have been just barely 11 months.

As you can see, his newest achievement was climbing up onto things. At that point though, he had no idea how to get down... without getting hurt. He would climb up on the little chairs, be happy for a few minutes and then start crying because he wanted to get down and knew that if he tried, he'd fall and it would hurt. No sooner than I would rescue him, he would turn around and start climbing up again. He's since figured out how to get down and that opened a whole new world. If he can get down... then he can keep climbing! Like from the chair to the piano bench... from the bench to the piano keyboard... from the keyboard to the top of the piano. Or from the chairs to the fishtank table... and from there he can splash away to his heart's content.

He cut his seventh tooth just after he hit 11 months, and with the tooth came another nasty bout of diaper rash, lost appetite, and sleeplessness. You feel like such an inadequate mom when your baby is so miserable. At least it passes and soon they're back to their happy selves.

Another of PC's new talents is his vocabulary. Suddenly he's gone from baby babblings, to actually trying to talk to us. He has his own language, and he uses it! It's so much fun to see him interact with Dolly or Sir and it's a lot easier to find out what is bothering him when he can communicate to a certain extent.

I should go. It's time to start supper, and we might be going out for a bit after supper so I probably won't get back to this if I don't post it now.


  1. Wow he's so big! And so proud of himself for being on the chair!

  2. It's fun to try to understand their special language: we always knew that a light socket was a "George" probably meaning shock, and that "wa wa wee" was water. "Um Bah" meant that you were going to get in trouble.

  3. Wow, 7 teeth! All that milkshake calcium will be good for him. :)