Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And we're home again.

I just realized that there was a good chance people might think we were still in the southeast corner of Washington. Just to be clear, we got home at 10:30 Monday night after a fairly easy drive home.

The conference in Walla Walla was really nice. We arrived at M&M's house at 3am Friday morning. Unfortunately we did wake our hosts up as we made our way to the room we were to stay in. They were very gracious about it, and after making sure there was nothing else we needed they went back to bed. We set up our playpen and crawled into bed as quickly as we could in order to make the best of the four hours we had left of the night.

Friday was the easiest day for the kids. It was also the hottest day of the conference. We made it to the prayer meeting about 20 minutes after it started and spent another 5 or 10 trying to find a place to sit. There were almost no isle seats left and to use the stroller, we were going to need an isle row. The subject of the readings was the One Body of Christ mainly going through 1 Corinthians 12. I actually was able to listen during all the morning readings since the kids were pretty good that early in the day.

After lunch each day, I took the kids back to M&M's and we all crashed for naps. I'm glad we were able to do that, because it really helped keep me sane and the kids from completely falling apart.
The drawback was we missed all the addresses and the first half of the afternoon readings. Sir got recordings of the whole conference and uploaded them to the Recorded Ministry website as well, so when I get a chance I've been listening to the meetings that I missed. The three addresses were on Young Men of Scripture, Falling, and Authority in the Assembly. So far I've only made it through most of one of them.

I did managed to take a few pictures, but it's getting late and I wanted to say a bit about them and finish my thoughts on our weekend at conference so I'll close for now and try to fit in another post in the next day or two. Good night!


  1. Glad you made it back safely. It was no big deal waking us up, by the way. We're glad we could have you guys. Your kids are so cute. I loved watching PC walking around.

  2. Hey there! Sorry I missed you at conference, thank you for the package! I'm en route to Lassen now but wanted to wish PC a very big happy First Birthday!