Saturday, June 30, 2007

Was it Really a Year Ago?!

(Picture by Uncle Marlin)

Sniff. My little baby boy turned 1 today! It's so hard to believe that a whole year has slipped by. Just yesterday - it seemed- we were eagerly looking forward to taking him home from the hospital.

I had/have two other posts that I was planning on putting up this past week, but I was so busy getting ready for PC's First Birthday Party that they got put on hold. Don't worry, I'm still hoping to get them up.

Anyway, the birthday party was a success. I didn't get that many pictures, but you can browse through Marlin's album of the pictures he put up by clicking on the link below the top picture. I only started seriously thinking about PC's party about a month ago, and didn't get started on any of it until about two weeks ago. Even then, all I was doing was thinking and coming up with ideas. Nothing actually happened until we got back from Walla Walla this past week.

The cake was actually easier to make than I had thought it would be, and for once I didn't feel like I was still completely not ready to put a party together in the three hours before it was to commence! Instead I was just still icing the cake but at least that was the only thing left to do... that and load the car... and pick up Sir's grandma from the bus stop. We ran out of time to get Granny, but Grandma C. saved the day and made the pick up for us. Here are a few pictures of the cake in the making:
Planning, Building and Icing

And here's the finished product:

After most of the guests left, the kids got changed into their bathing suits, and I took them down to the water. We had held the party at a beach/park about 20 minutes away from our house so the kids could play in the sand. Only, there wasn't very much sand. Just a lot of mud, but the kids enjoyed getting wet in the warm shallow water anyway. After about 15-20 minutes of beach fun, we came back and I got them changed again. It was an hour and and half past nap time, and they were exhausted. Needless to say we were less than five minutes into the drive home and they were fast asleep!

Happy 1st Birthday PC!


  1. What a great picture from Marlin, PC looks so proud of himself. Great party, perfect weather, yummy cake. Good Job

  2. Happy Birthday PC! I can't believe you are 1.

    Joy, that cake was so cool. I had no clue you had made it, because I just automatically thought it was another Keren creation. Bad me! You did a great job, wow!

  3. WOW, fancy cake - you did a great job! And I love the pic of them sleeping. :) Wish we could have made it.

  4. Fantastic cake! Great job! Very cute pictures too. :)