Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Life Goes On

In the days and weeks following our California Trip, life happened to go on. There were lots of little things I could have blogged about like hot summer days, mowing the lawn, a birthday party and swimming to name a few. But I didn't want to get sidetracked from my 'trip' posts and just let the other ideas pile up. Now if I try to go back and blog about each of them, more stuff will pile up and I'll never be up to date.

Next week we're going to Walla Walla for conference if everything goes according to plan and I'm sure we're going to be busy between now and then. Sir wants to check out the oil, tires, brakes and spare tire attachment on the van before we go, he also has a Dr. appointment to attend that I scheduled for him. I have the packing to do, and there's preparations for PC's 1st birthday party that need to be done. We'll get home on Monday, Tuesday I have a prenatal appointment scheduled, Wednesday is laundry day and meeting night and that leaves Thursday and Friday to finish up all the last minute stuff and make the cake. Oh, and there's Father's Day somewhere in the mix.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to get a bunch of stuff done, but it won't be blogging I'm pretty certain. Sir likes to remind me what my month's post total will be, at the blogging rate I'm going at. I don't mind... too much.

I should go. The timer will be going off soon reminding me that it's time to switch the laundry and PC will be waking up any minute which means it's about time to start thinking about lunch. I could go on and on, but it's just life.


  1. I love that photo! I snatched it up for my desktop (hopes you don't mind!) The colors are so bright and everything looks all posed and perfect. :)

  2. You are so busy! It's only going to get busier, though with the new one coming along.