Wednesday, February 17, 2010

May 1974

I was going through some boxes of miscellaneous stuff today, and ran across some old Sunday school papers. It was interesting to see how the papers changed in style and general look over the years. Here's a peek at one from the 70's. You'll probably have to click on the images to be able to read them though.

Page 1

Page 2....... and Page 3

Page 4


  1. I remember those old ones! They sure have changed over the years! That's neat that you've kept one for so many years!

  2. Actually, the old ones were all part of a stash Carol had stored away. This one was printed nearly a decade before I was born, and they switched styles sometime between '74 and '78 so I never saw any this old until they were brought to the MR a year or so ago.

  3. The little girl at the top of page one is "me." Well, maybe I should explain. That little girl image was also found on the old Sunday School hymnbooks, and I gave all the characters on the cover of that book names from people in real life. That girl was me. :)