Thursday, February 18, 2010

Still in the 70's

Sometime between June of 1974 and December of 1978 the Messages of the Love of God came out with some changes. This style brings back so many memories for me as it was the 'original' Sunday school paper of my childhood. Again, you'll need to click on the images to read each page.

Page 1

Color! The most noticeable change is the banner background of clouds in a blue sky. Also, the memory verse moved to a fixed place on the front page. Previously it went wherever there was room for it.

Page 2 ........ and ........ Page 3

Page 4

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  1. When I look at this one I get all emotional. I used to rush to go pick these up after Sunday School. :) In the winter, Sunday School was early in the morning and in the big city with tons of other kids. In the summer, it was in the afternoon outside of the tiny little farm meeting room and we all sat on a blanket it the shade.

    Makes me want to really enjoy being a Sunday School teacher and try and do something fun and interesting every week. I'm making memories with those girls! I can't wait to go outside in the summer.