Saturday, February 13, 2010

Next month She'll be 2½

Emma came into my room while I was getting dressed this morning.
"Wook! what I dound (found)!" she exclaimed with a big grin. She held up a little doll. "Nice!" I responded before proceeding with my dressing routine. Since I seemed to be busy, she sidled toward my night table where I keep a flashlight, chap stick and water bottle.

But I noticed. And when she started to help herself to my chap stick I immediately told her to put it back. Of course, she thought I was really too busy to deal with her, so she stared right back at me, took the chap stick lid off and began to apply it on her lips. I stopped what I was doing, walked the two steps to where she was, and took the chap stick away from her. "I said, 'Put it back', Emma." She dropped her chin in a scowl and didn't say anything as I put the chap stick back on my nightstand.

I went back to dressing and a few seconds later she said, "Mommy, pease you go away," while longingly looking at my night table. "No, Emma, I'm not going away, although you can go out of my room instead." "But I prithy sthick" she explained as she leaned back onto my bed and looked longingly again at the chap stick. "Then go lie down on your bed and get better." I suggested. Evidently that wasn't very appealing either, so she went out to see what else she could do.

Here are a few other pictures of this little character of mine:

Curls, anyone?

My outfit? Why, I think it's great!

Posing so pretty.


  1. Val asks me (nicely, too!) to please go away now Mommy whenever she would like to do something she knows is forbidden. I didn't realize how hilarious (or maybe abnormal?) it was until a friend was over when she did it and just about died laughing.

    Of course I have become so used to it.
    "Mommy, can you please go away now?"
    "No, Val."
    *sigh*"Oh. Oh-TAAAAY."

  2. :-) Eric says "Go away" too, when he wants to do something that he knows is not allowed. It's funny the things that our kids say.