Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not that I have time to be writing....

I should be packing furiously - we're down to the last 5 days before this place is history.

The kids and I picked Sir up from the sky train this evening and on the drive home Dolly started talking to Butler. "Butler, you can't go to sleep yet... no you can't." She cooed to him in a sing-songy voice. "You haven't been feeded yet." I don't remember if it was Sir or myself, that corrected her, "It's not feeded, Dolly. You FEED something, and when it's full, it has been FED." Then the other of us, repeated the lesson in almost the same words. "It's kind of like 'feet' and 'foot', Dolly." I explained, You have one FOOT, but two FEET - not FEETS." "And not FOOTS either, right Mommy?" She clarified. "Well, FOOT'S would be something that BELONGS to your foot - Like your foot's shoe" I answered. "WHY?!!" Sir whispered to me incredulously amused, "Let's stick to the subject on hand!"

The subject was interrupted by the sighting of a tow truck pulling a mini-van and the 'foot/feet fed/feed' conversation was forgotten. Until we pulled into the alleyway just before our driveway. "Butler," Dolly cooed to him, "You have to be FEDDED before you can go to sleep!"

Emma has been falling and scraping her knees a lot recently - well, she's always falling, but recently it has come with scraped up knees. After re-opening a scrape a day or two ago, she came to me and said, "Mommy, I need a bandee (band aid). See, wook! my weg is blooding!"

I gave the kids their laundry to put away last week. A few minutes later, I went to their room, and told them we had to get going (I don't remember where we were going now) and to put their socks and shoes on. PC was still putting his laundry away, but he was quick to respond, "OK! I will put my shoes on, Mommy. You can put (the rest of) my laundry away - it's only a little bit!"

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