Thursday, May 06, 2010

Ready or Not... I will blog.

It's been a month. A very very long month in which I haven't blogged a single word. And I've missed it. My computer died. And has been dead. And I've been hunching over the kids' computer reading everybody elses' blogs while I've waited for my computer to resurrect. Only it hasn't.

So, I will sit on the floor while my legs go to sleep and I will post. You won't get any pictures because when we gave this little laptop to the kids, we removed pretty much everything to make it a little more kid friendly/faster/free up some hd space/etc. My editing program was one of those things, but you will survive. I will survive.

Tonight, Sir fixed my e-mail up so I can use it on my old computer and I'm slightly back in touch with communication! I'll probably spend a good chunk of tomorrow reading and replying to everything that's been piling up these past few weeks.

Anyway, my leg is going to be in agony when it starts to wake up, so I shall get on with the evening, but it's so worth it to ramble away here again! I'm tired - Good Night.


  1. Oh boy! hope you get your's back soon.

  2. I always look forward to reading whatever you have to write... I think it's a habit I started early in life. =)