Friday, May 14, 2010

Today felt like SUMMER!

8pm - Thursday:
Today was gorgeous. Sunshine, light breezes, actually warm temperatures. It was the kind of day you want to spend outside gazing at the flawless blue sky with ice cubes melting on your forehead. I spent it driving hither and yon and walking miles of store floors shopping.

Tomorrow is supposed to be just as wonderful, so I think I'll 'need' to pack the shed in the yard in preparation for our move. If I trip into the kiddie pool 'accidentally' I guess we'll just have to have a water fight and refill the pool (we filled it this evening so the water won't be freezing tomorrow). Then we'll have to be responsible and stay outside so we don't drip in the house of course. We'll see.. I do have to pack the shed up sometime though.

Morning Glory made it to Texas an hour before Tina was discharged from the hospital yesterday. Tina called me about four times yesterday while she waited for her 48 hours to be up. She was so ready to go home and actually DO something again - I'm glad they had her stay since it made her take it easy for a change!

Continued the next day... (because I got sidetracked and never got around to editing it by a decent hour).

My mom called this morning to say Tina was thrilled to have the extra help from Glory. So it sounds like things are looking up in Texas. Thank you, to all who prayed! I know it made the difference.

We haven't made it out to the shed yet today... instead we took a load to storage, grabbed some last minute things at the grocery store, returned a book to the library and went to a book store for some books to give to the pre-class kids at the Sunday School Treat tomorrow. That was after we paid the house some serious attention in the cleaning department - all this running around lets your house get away with getting sloppy and not picking up after itself...

The kids did get to splash in the kiddie pool for a few minutes while Butler ate his very late lunch. Then when he was done, I collected the wet play clothes to hang on the line before putting all my kids down for naps. I'll let them go back out to the pool when they wake up from their naps so they can have their 'real' pool play time today. Meanwhile I have food to work on preparing for tomorrow.


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