Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What Sisters are For

Sisters are for going to when you need help,
They're for talking to when you get overwhelmed.
You cry with them, laugh with them, and what is more..
You pray with them - that is what sisters are for.

They stand up for you, with you, and give you their ear
They tell you their secrets and and each hidden fear.
But a sister can need things herself, so you see
She'll need you to be there, and there you must be.

You'll talk with her, cry with her, laugh with her too
Give her the ear she needs when she's blue
But the most you can do for your sister, I say
Is kneel down, and with your heart for her - pray!

My sister Tina is in the hospital on antibiotics right now - they admitted her yesterday afternoon. She's 5 months pregnant with her fourth baby and has had some kidney problems recently. Right now she's battling a couple of infections, and while she's getting 48hrs of IV antibiotics, they're keeping her so they can monitor her baby too. The stress from the pain was causing them to be concerned about pre-term labour. She should be able to go home tomorrow, but I know life with little people normally can be exhausting.

My littlest sister should be able to make the 4 hour flight to Texas tomorrow and will stay with Tina, Boots and the boys to help out for a couple of weeks. As for the rest of us, we can pray for a quick recovery, a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.

I just have to remember it's not the only thing left that I can do, but the most that can be done for her - to pray!


  1. Joining you in prayer. Please keep us updated!

  2. Oh that poor girl, what next?! I will definitely be praying and Tina if you are reading this... HUGS!!!