Sunday, November 05, 2006

Kelowna Trip ~ Part II (Finally!)

Originally, our Kelowna trip was planned to be as follows: Leave early Monday morning, get to Kelowna around lunch time. Visit with grandparents until late afternoon. Leave, find a campsite, camp overnight and spend the following day fishing. Except, in mid-September... in the mountains... with two little kids.... we decided to skip the camping part and spend more time with our grandparents. I'm really glad we did. Those couple of days were chilly and I would have been worrying constantly about my babies - not to mention the extra gear we would have had to cram into our little car.

After we left Grandpa and Grandma's house we started off for Brenda Lake. The only problem was actually finding the roads. After finally figuring out what was probably the right one, we embarked on our lake finding adventure. The roads were worse than the ones heading out to the Last Resort. Next, the weather changed from bright and sunshiny to ominously dark and then it POURED! 'Oh great!' I thought 'we get to go fishing... not in the rain, but in a downpour.' But it took us so long to get there that the weather had cleared up a bit and was once again sunny, but still really cold.

When we first got to the lake it was cold and Dolly, PC and I decided to be brave and get out of the car... it just got colder so it didn't take long before we retreated. While we were out though, Dolly found a pine needle brush and discovered it would work as a broom. Then she spotted Daddy across the water and sat down to watch him before hoping I wouldn't notice and moving closer to the log bridge that Daddy had used to get to the other side.

I noticed.

So, she settled for sitting on the end of the log bridge instead.
After a while of not catching anything, we decided to make our way to the other end of the lake. The only problem with that was, to get to the other end of the lake we had to drive on 'deactivated roads'. That proved rather interesting. I thought to get pictures only after we had finally gotten to mostly drivable spots on our way back to where we had started.

Sir fished for a few more hours. It was relaxing even if he didn't catch anything. The kids and I read books, molded play dough, ate tons of snacks, played with toys, watched Sir from the warmth of the car and then discovered some birds that I still can't figure out what kind they are. They were bold birds. One of them actually stole the worm off Sir's fishing hook and then chased him back to the water when he put another one on. You can see that rascal beside the rock in the picture below. Their calls were a soft questioning whistle that I could almost imitate and they looked so soft and fluffy although the pictures don't show their soft look very well. All of the ones we were watching were a dull two-toned gray color, there were about four of them, and there weren't any really dominate ones all of which made me guess that they were not quite fully matured nest-mates. If anyone can tell what they are from these pictures, I'd love to know. I have a lot more pictures that I could post of them if you want a better look, but I'll wait for someone to ask about those before I upload all of them.

And then just before we headed back to civilization, I realized that I hadn't taken any pictures of PC, so I thought I'd include one here since I did make the extra effort to take one!


  1. Could be a Gray Jay. My book says they are attracted to campsites, unafraid of humans and boldly steal food. This site has a recording of the call.

  2. I agree with my mom that the birds are Gray Jays.

  3. Well, you got the word from the experts: #1 and #2. I would like to ditto, but I really don't know. It looks like a Jay and it's gray, so why not? I am so glad you take the children out into the wonders of nature, the birds, the worms, the water, for fishing in the deluge, even in the cold. I remember taking some 10 to 12 year olds primitive camping in Japan during Spring break from school. We had learned to dig holes to relieve ourselves, then cover. The morning we woke up, I found myself digging 15 holes. The ground was frozen and the little gals weren't able to dig.

  4. Starling maybe? Just kidding because I have absolutely no idea. If it was red I would say it was a cardinal.