Saturday, November 18, 2006

November 18th

As you can see here, PC thinks he's big enough for real food. He tries his best to grab anything within reach or that he can wiggle close enough to make within reach. It's quite a change. You just don't expect to need to be on high alert for anything a baby might dump - especially when the change happens basically overnight!
Besides PC's new achievements...

On this day in 19--,
(← grandma c)
Sir's Mom was born! So, Happy Birthday Mom!


On this day one year ago,

Dolly started walking! She was only 9½ months old.


  1. Wow, I haven't logged on for a bit, PC is getting so big! What fun :-) And, to add to the historical nature of the day, I also see that the little pictures show up on the blog links when I'm using Safari, so please inform your wonderful Sir of that :-)

  2. They're only partially working in Safari... they still tend to flash a bit instead of fading in smoothly like they're supposed to. I just haven't gotten around to finishing them up yet.

    (aka wonderful Sir)

  3. We'll miss you for Spare-Ribs and sauerkraut but we do understand. The dinner on January 1st (or there about) is even still evolving, kind of like our local Thanksgiving Day Feast this Thursday. First it was 10, then 12, then 8, now back to nine, I think. Makes the food assignments juggle a bit!

  4. Drinking pop already?

  5. I'm sure you all feel more secure with the job in WR. Of course we'll miss you. We've even got to the point that CC not only tolerates sauerkraut, she likes it a little bit. We look forward to seeing you at converence.