Wednesday, November 22, 2006 Normal - yes, that's it.

Everyone finds their not quite two-year-old daughter on the bathroom counter half dressed... right? That's what I thought!

Today Dolly decided that she was going to use the 'big potty' for a change. Without my help, she dug out the little seat that rests on the toilet seat, went potty and then proceeded to 'wash' her hands. This is where I came upon the scene. Not quite certain as to how she got onto the counter, I put her down and appeared to go back to my cooking in the kitchen. The ploy worked, and within a few seconds I witnessed my daughter -not climbing onto the counter from the toilet like I had suspected, but instead - climbing up the front of the bathroom sink using the knob handle and top of the cupboard as footrests.

After nearly falling apart in silent laughter, I thought about getting a picture of the process, but decided against it due to my daughter's lack of clothing. Instead, I set her up for this photo shoot by taking her off the counter and seeming to go back to my work in the kitchen. As expected, she scaled the bathroom counter, turned the water on, and - got photographed in the act of 'washing' her hands.


  1. Barely there. You've got to write a book!

  2. The original 'Monkey Shine" as my grandpa would say! Tell her she might have had some ancestors who hung by their necks but none that hung by their tails.

  3. Hmmm ... I can see you have another problem solver on your hands...