Monday, November 13, 2006

The Potty Training Saga ~ Episode 2

Really, I should be writing Episode 4 or 5 by now, and I would have been, but sometimes documenting the process for everyone else, is not quite as important as actually making progress.

We are making progress, although by Day Four I was ready to throw in the towel and succumb to changing diapers for the rest of my life. Someone told me the first two weeks were the worst, but after you made it through them, it just got better and better. You know what? They were right! I took notes, charted patterns and experimented with different intervals for the timer to go off. Finally, we started to emerge from the depths of 'we'll never make it'.

One thing I would highly recommend for the potty training process is a carpet cleaner of some sort. When we moved into this house, I noticed that the carpet was a light tan color and I could only imagine how easily it would be to get stained or just dirty in general. So, I mentioned it to the landlords and they bought a steam cleaner that I could use as I needed - it's been a lifesaver!

Anyway, Dolly is doing really well. Lately she's been telling me before she goes and has made it through quite a few days without a single accident! There are still discouraging days though. The kind where there is nothing but accidents, but they're not quite as frequent as they were just a week or two ago.
Here's our first completed chart and it's corresponding notes.


  1. I envy you, that you have the end of the instruction in view. (eventually) Pets are another story. I've called behavioralists, pet groomers, trainers. With limited success. Yes, we did get a new carpet.

  2. A steamer is the way to go. I wish we had one.

  3. A while back, I was convinced one of my grandchildren would go to kindergarten in diapers. But, when ready, the mission was accomplished before school started. Whew!

  4. My first was trained before the second came along and then regressed for a while after the new arrival. The second trained herself on a long car trip with frequent stops for her older sister. They were both about 28 months old when all was done. Don't fret, it will happen.