Friday, January 09, 2009


I don't have pictures of any of the drive through California, but we did stop in at my parent's house in Red Bluff at 4AM. We stayed an hour, and not only did everyone there get up just to see us, but the kids made out like bandits since Grandma had present after present for them to take with us. Grandma got all the pictures of that visit though, so I guess I should bug her for copies eventually.

We drove all day, and got to Burbank at 7:30pm - very glad to have come to the end of our 38 (39 if you count the hour stop in Red Bluff) hour trip. We were assigned a studio suite which means there was a giant king size bed, a hide-away couch as well as a dining room table and a refrigerator.

We also had a spectacular view of the city transportation much to PC's delight. Every minute he wasn't sleeping, he was at the huge bay window watching planes arrive and depart from the airport runway, Metrolink and Amtrak trains stopping at a train depot, freight trains just passing through, buses stopping at bus stops and countless other vehicles bustling back and forth on a very busy street. There was even a tunnel, an overpass and a couple traffic lights within sight. Occasionally the girls would join PC at the window and I would get a few things done un-interrupted. I don't think we could have gotten a better room!

For most of the conference, I never even turned the camera on, but on the last day, I realized that we'd be going home with little to remind the kids of our trip, so I made a greater effort.

Part of one of the Dining Rooms

The main meeting room

Where we sat on the far side of the room

We met a few people, and the girls had fun making friends. PC spent most of his time fighting to keep a seat in the stroller although he was the one we lost for 15 minutes one of the days.

Dolly and Camille, who thought she knew Dolly as 'Tasha' from somewhere else. 'Turned out they had a common interest.


Getting Dizzy

All A Blurr

The meetings were really good even though I took the kids up for naps every day and missed quite a few of the afternoon meetings. The readings were in Hebrews 1 and 2 and John 17. They're all online at Recorded if you want to listen to them yourself. We listened to them again on our drive home, so I was able to catch a little of what I missed during the conference.

Lizeth from Mexico with her daughter Nicole and Nephew Baruc. They were pretty much the only new acquaintances that I got a picture of.

Emma making friends with Amanda. I love her triumphant grin at me noticing and taking a picture of her new friend.

Helping Hands! Each time we went through the buffet lines, either this young lady or her younger brother would offer to help us through the line with our brood. I can't begin to describe how wonderful and welcome that little act of kindness was. And Dolly quickly decided that Miss LW was one of her best friends.

My Little Redbirds


  1. Glad you got some pictures, we didn't either until we got to San Fran. Love the family shot.

  2. Nice post! We really missed going this year but plan to go next year Lord Willing. I can't believe you stopped at 4 am. You guys must have been so tired!

    It must have been so scary when you lost PC for 15 minutes. Was he having fun at least?

  3. The only time I've lost K (so far!) was at the mall for 2 or 3 minutes. I was pretty much frantic. It's amazing how quickly your mind convinces you the worst has happened, entirely unbeknownst to your sweet little girl who was happily playing in the purse section!

  4. Baruc is Lizeth's nephew. We took Lizeth and Nicole to the airport last night for their flight back to Querétaro, Mexico.

    Baruc and his mother Sol fly back to Mexico City on Monday night. (His father Rafael went back just after the conference.)

    We enjoy having Nicole and Baruc's grandparents here in Los Angeles.

  5. Oh to be in CA about now! Not that snow isn't nice, but, well....warmer is just SO nice! It seems like everyone really enjoyed the conference this year. What a nice hotel room you had - it probably really made the stay there extra nice!