Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Zoo in LA

After packing up Monday morning (Dec 29th) we opted to visit the zoo instead of going to the after-conference beach party. See, our zoo doesn't have an elephant, a bear or gorillas - and the LA Zoo was only a 10 min drive from our hotel room, so we couldn't resist. Actually, we were planning on visiting the zoo after conference anyway, but the other reasons are more colorful.

Anyway, we took a gazillion pictures at the zoo, so I'll try to limit the number of them that I post, but be warned I think I only narrowed it down to 20-something. Hey, I tried. Just imagine how long this post would have been if I'd been able to get good pictures of the alligator, Komodo dragon, giraffes, hippo, tortoise, lions, tigers, seals and mountain sheep!

Flamingos - beautiful, but they smelled terrible!

A zebra truck! PC was thrilled.

They had snack booths and gift shops everywhere at first.

We caved at the Cotton Candy!

Red Kangaroos

A Koala and her baby

Hand in Hand - I love the action in this shot.


Zebras - they wouldn't smile at the camera like the ones at home.

Gerenuks. Emma loved these guys, and I had to pry her away from the fence with six hands so we could continue on.

A Bongo - yes, probably related to the Bongo drum.

Asian Elephant

Mr. Orangutan

"Hm, so that's how to climb a fence... 'always wondered about that."

Looking over the Fence

They found this 'Monkey' themselves and wanted me to take a picture of it with them. Except, no one wanted to sit on the sunny side of the gorilla, because it was too hot.


American Black Bear - having lunch.

Siamang Apes
(I have a video of these guys hollering their heads off, and I tried to add it to this post last night, but after 24 hours of trying and still getting errors, I figured you won't know what you're missing without it.)

All Aboard! Next stop: Travel Town!


  1. Looks like a fun time. I love zoos!

  2. Cool! Great photos!

    Try photobucket or youtube next time. I have great success with youtube.

  3. What fun... we went to the LA zoo on Wednesday... only no pictures.

  4. I love the swishing skirt in the action shot!

  5. I have always been indifferent to zoos--kinda thought they were boring. Then I went with my kids, and I've never had more fun. Looks like a blast! I love youtube... I haven't tried every way out there, but I think it might be the best. :-) Blogger has a really limited size allowance, so youtube is the way to go for me. Great pics. :-)

  6. We actually have a descent zoo here, but I have yet to take the boys. It's on my want to do soon list though. Looks like fun.

  7. I'm with Emma. Those gere--whatevers are beautiful and so graceful looking.