Friday, January 23, 2009

Travel Town!

My house is no longer uninhabitable, so I can blog again. I think I left you on our latest California trip at the LA Zoo....

We went right from the zoo to Travel Town (also in Griffith Park, but 15 minutes away) where we met Mr. & Mrs. Habib as planned at 1:30. Mrs. Habib brought a picnic lunch complete with macaroni n' cheese for the little people and fancy gourmet cheeses for the big people. Of course I forgot to take any pictures of lunch - and it wasn't because I didn't have the camera out, since I'd snapped a few shots of Emma collecting rocks just before we ate. Brains, I tell ya... some people need them!

Rocks! Can you believe it?! I found Rocks!!

Anyway, after lunch, we tossed nap-time to the wind, and set out to explore. PC couldn't have been happier and it was so much fun to see him so excited about something. I took lots and lots and lots of pictures, but most of them were of specific things. This means that it's hard to give you a good feel of the place without posting nearly all the pictures I took. But at least I remembered to take pictures, I guess.

An empty passenger car.

Inside. That way to the Engine!

Running out the way we came in.

My Engineers

He could hardly be bothered to wait for the rest of us.

"This one?... hm, maybe I should try that one first.. awe, this one's closer!"

PC climbed into most of the engines without any help. Emma tried this too, but I didn't get any pictures of her attempts.

"Mommy! Can you see me?!" "Mommee, 'see mee?!"

"Ha-HA! Now you have to catch me!"

A Firebox.
It was so heavy, he couldn't open it and not for lack of trying!


Proud Moment

Walking the Rails

When we got tired - or as I should more accurately put it - when the grown ups got tired of looking at and climbing on engine after engine after engine, we headed over to the 'museum'. Mr. Habib went ahead to see what the cost and departure times were for a little miniature train and came back with tickets for all of us! So, while we waited for our train, we wandered around in the cool air of the concrete-floored museum. Most of the things were not supposed to be touched or climbed on, but by that time the kids were really winding down anyway. I got quite a number of pictures, but I'll only put a few here since this post is already getting too long.


Milk Truck

Circus Wagon

An LA Electric Co. company car

Then we caught the last train of the day. I tried to take pictures as we chugged along, but very few turned out at all. Emma was out by the time we pulled back into the station and for once my light sleeper slept through me putting her in and back out of the carseat!

Emma not sure what was going on, but really too tired to care. I think she'd already been asleep for a few minutes prior to getting into the train.

Me and a tired PC

Headed 'round the bend

From a distance

Posing again

Railroad Tie Hopping


Tired Baby

We loaded up into the van, and in less than five minutes, Dolly and PC had joined Emma in slumber-land. They were all so sound asleep, that we were able to unload them and streach them out to rest once we got to the Habib's house half an hour later.

Definitely a very fun-packed day! Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Habib for suggesting we visit Travel Town, and for accompanying us through!


  1. Ohhh such memories... I spent much of my childhood at this particular hangout Ü due to the 3 generations of Cary men who loved trains! Ü Funny I remember running up and down that exact train car and as we got older we had to do it stradling (sp?) that center carpet somehow. :P ok I really am getting old Ü

  2. That place looks like fun! Lots of photo opportunities that's for sure! I like the little conductors photo, very cute! Emma's little personality shines through.