Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Drive to California

I don't feel like doing any of the countless things I should be doing right now, so instead I'm being lazy and playing at my computer. Not the best example for my children, I know. On the other hand, if I leave this until I get other things done, my posts will be even more outdated and you'll be hearing about our 2008 trip to California sometime during 2010 - or more likely, not at all!

And since I should be making lunch right now, I'll just put some pictures up and leave out most of the commentary. That should save some time at least.

December 24th

The main road outside our house - 4:30 Wednesday morning.

Hwy 99 (Interstate 5 north of the Canadian border)

Washington I5

Washboard ice through Portland

Chains for the Sisikyou Pass

Dec 25th

Finally in California 1:30 AM

In good weather this part of the drive would have taken us 11 or 12 hours. We did it in 21 driving almost non-stop! Now, I really should go make lunch.

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